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After being a part of the blogging community for multiple years, I figured it might finally be time to introduce myself to everyone curious enough to wonder! 

My name is Bethany Elyse Stewart, an upcoming senior at CIU that just recently barely crossed the line into adulthood. It's a truly scary thought to anyone whose been around long enough to really get to know me. Texan born & bred, I lived in the same house in the same city in the heart of Texas until I was 10 years old. Then my Daddy moved us to Israel for 5 years, and I've been traipsing around on the highway ever since. After 5 years of traveling I've gotten more than enough of my share of airports, airplanes and long distance flights, but I'm more than happy to board them when they're taking me to see my best friends. Now I'm content to stay on the Southern side of the Mason-Dixon line, but there's still a handful of beautiful states and cities [North AND South] calling my name.

My first year out of high school I ventured outside of the Texan border, and into the beautiful state of Georgia. Instead of going to "normal" college, I took a gap year and attended a 9 month Christian discipleship program called Impact 360. If you're curious you can learn more about it here. If you're the least bit curious [and even if you're not!] I'd highly suggest clicking on that lovely link. Worst case scenario, you lose a few minutes of time. Best case scenario, you become a part of a community that changes you for good. After Impact I moved east to South Carolina, and fell head over heels with front porches, long highways, and the way the sun looks setting over water. I found a long buried love for sandy beaches and salty oceans, and have yet to really recover. Fingers crossed I never do! :) 

My God-given family are 5 of the most important people in my life....6 if you end up counting Mamaw. They're hilarious, grace-filled, put up with me, and somehow still want me around. My parents have demonstrated the Gospel to me and loved me above and beyond what I have ever deserved. My siblings are some of the most important people in the world to me, and never fail to make me smile and look for the daily gifts even when I am a complete jerk. Over the years, my family has extended to include the people God in His incredible providence moved into my life exactly when He knew I needed them. This has come to mean roommates, best friends, theater troops, and a school where the Gospel is both put on display and tested in the ups and downs of everyday life. 

Of all the relationships in my life, my relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ takes precedence over everything. I am a sinner, in daily need of grace and mercy from an all perfect, all loving God who extends it to me through His Son and for His glory. The Gospel message, and the love and grace that it entails, hits me harder and humbles me more every time I begin to think I might have life figured out. 

This is a baby glimpse of who I am, and I hope it makes reading my blog seem that much more personal, and that much more me. I'm a 21 year old whose never completely grown up, caught somewhere between wanting to get my foot out the door and never wanting to have to admit that I'm not my parents' baby girl anymore. I love easily, sometimes get hurt, and from that I've learned, cried, danced, laughed, had to grow up and grit my teeth and learn how to be patient while the future reveals itself slowly, and learned more about the faithfulness and unconditional love of God than I EVER thought possible.

Thanks for reading, friends :) I'd love to talk to you about anything, so comment, email me, get in touch however! The links are on my blog. 

Happy Winter! 

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