Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Pull the lever, Kronk!"

Guys, guys, guys, I'M ALIVE! 
Settling into college has been crazy, and the amount of time I've had to do things other than homework, sleep, make necessary Walmart runs and drink coffee has been veeeeeery tiny. 
But I'm back. Kind of. 
And I'm participating in one of my very favorite linkups: Some Things I'm Loving with Katie!
Here are some things that have brought a smile to my face this past week :) 

Movie: Without fail, this movie has made it into 95% of my conversations this week.....I've quoted it, laughed at it, talked about wanting to watch it and compared my friends to it over & over & over again. Hey, I'm not complaining.
The Other Juliette

Blog: I recently discovered Juliette from the sidebar of another blogger (whose blog it was, I can't remember. Sorry anonymous writer that I will always be indebted to) and I LITERALLY haven't stopped reading since! This girl is hilarious, and I've literally laughed out loud (yes. lol'ed.) while reading some of her posts...and that normally doesn't happen :D

Music: If you haven't discovered Bethel Worship yet, DO IT NOW. I've had them on repeat since Lauren at Marked by Grace put it on her blog at the beginning of the week. STUCK. IN. MY. HEAD. But given the fact that it's not only a worship song, but one of the most beautiful I've heard in a while, I'm A-Okay with that!

Bloggy-Event-Challengy-Thing: THANK YOU STORY OF MY LIFE! There are not words to describe how excited I am for this upcoming challenge. I watched from a distance as Blog Everyday In May happened way back when, and did my own lovely little version back in June (hereherehere, and here ... alright shameless plug done) so this Blogtember challenge I am beyond thrilled about. Plus, I've been struggling with posting non-serious, non-heavy posts recently because my mind is going a million miles an hour, so prompts are THE BEST THING EVER. 

Drink: Come to me Chai Tea Latte. I think I love you. But really. It reminds me of Christmas & Fall and with those two things coming up, it's time to love on this drink even MORE! 

Randomsh: Phone calls & morning voices. Those are my two current most favorite things. Phone calls because my friends are currently/going to be for a while, few and far apart and phone calls are the only way I hear their voices! And morning voices because I think they're precious and adorable and they make me smile :) 

Come link-up with Katie because she's one of my favorites! 
Also because who DOESN'T want new bloggy friends? 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back for Round 2!

WE'RE BACK! Back in college, back in our niche, back in the roommates life, back to ridiculousness, back to making new friends, back to learning how to manage relationships near & far, back to worshiping together in chapel, back to this section of life the Lord has us in now.

After a long and glorious weekend trekking through downtown Savannah (including the of-course-we-must-go-there lunch trip to the Pirates House) Momma and I pulled into CIU at 9:00 Monday morning. This past week has been a crazy rush of figuring out classes, unpacking boxes (yes, it took me the whole week guys) running for textbooks, already pre-planning roommates weekend IN Savannah this coming April, and a LOT of class reading. It's been chaotic, crazy, and at times more than a little overwhelming. And after sitting through this first week [and weekend] we've come to a half exciting, half scary conclusion.

Sophomore year is going to be hard. 
In every sense of the word.

It's going to be hard mentally. Classes are harder, and we're growing up. Things aren't as set in stone as they used to be...and some things I've held to as Gospel since I was little I'm beginning to realize aren't. 

It's going to be hard emotionally. There's relationships walking into our lives and some walking out, and both are difficult to deal with. Within the first 48 hours we've been at school, I've already had one teary, heart heavy, Lord why do you have me here, night. 

It's going to be hard physically. I was in bed at 11:30 Thursday night. 11:30 guys. That never happens...not unless I'm sick, dead, or have stayed up sunset to sunrise several nights in a row. But there I was, snuggled in, falling asleep before midnight. Why? There's more homework, workouts, classes, meals, friends, relationships, and growth to be done than there are hours in the day to do it. 

Of course it's going to be difficult spiritually. I haven't had a year yet that hasn't had some trial somehow, in some way. Which in a weird way, is something to be thankful for...because when you stop learning & stretching, it's this kind of crazy coincidence that you also stop growing. And God doesn't deal in stagnancy. 

In the midst of all this crazy God has already been faithful to meet all of us, me especially, exactly where I am. 3 themes that seem to have traveled repeatedly through classes, chapel and life this week are contentment, faith, and the idea that God consistently brings you to situations that overwhelm you so you are constantly reminded on whose strength you stand and depend. 

Contentment is something I've struggled with for a while, and something that really came to a head this summer as I was home. I've been blessed with a beautiful family, beautiful home, beautiful friends, and not much to ask for or complain about. But I am, and always have been, home to a restless heart that looks to much to fast to the future, and spends not enough time in the present....which is hard when God places you in the midst of what can only be described as a long period of waiting and training. And I've always heard my entire life, whether from well meaning peers or adults, "Don't worry, honey. God's never gonna give you more than you can handle." Have I been guilty of drawing comfort from that? Absolutely. But is it true? Nope

As I've grown and watched life happen, and especially as I've walked into my second year at CIU, I've realized that God delights in giving us more than we can handle...because let's be honest. If you're not called to higher heights than you can reach, how are you ever going to grow? It happens in sports (and life) all the time. Coaches ask for more miles, teachers push for better grades, God asks for greater faith...because when goals stay at levels you can reach, achieving them brings no improvement, no growth, and ultimately no glory

So here's me tipping my hat to this upcoming year....and openly admitting that I'm actually kind of excited for the hard mixed in with all the good! Because trials mean growth and frustration brings forgiveness and ultimately tears at nighttime bring joy in the morning :) 

Also there's a nerdy, book happy, oh my gosh I LOVE MY CLASSES post coming. Cause I got good ones this year guys. BUT REALLY. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

STIL: Roadtrips & More!

I'll start by apologizing for how quick and possibly light on pictures this blog post MIGHT be about to become. I'm on the road with Momma, we're about to head out to dinner, I'm 2 days away from my best friends, and tonight promises to be exciting! So...if this one is lacking, next Saturday will be packed ;) 
So. Some Things I'm Loving with the lovely Katie!

Savannah: Here's to end-of-summer-back-to-college roadtrips :) This town is my happy place. It eeks contentment, peace & memories both past & future. I've said for a long time the story behind this needs it's own blog post, but I haven't yet...maybe because I haven't quite decided how to word it, and maybe because I'm debating keeping this little corner of my world my own :) 

Projects: I found this lovely little project on Pinterest a little while ago, and due to my recently discovered love of Skylines (see how I snuck that in there?) I've decided it's definitely next on my list. I LOVE this idea and I can't wait to try it! 

Phones: Call it simple because who doesn't love their phone, but I've become increasingly thankful for this lovely little piece of technology as the miles between me & loved ones grows. 

COLLEGE: I'll admit it. Now that I'm out of Texas & on my way (and the ability to go back is gone) I'm excited to be headed back to CIU, Roommates, and PETTY 2!!! 

Summin' it up in 4 or less ;) Loving this weekend and the promises it holds, and the fact that I'm spending it un-official Georgia girling in one of my favorite cities on Earth :) Click on Katie's name, link up, and share your things you're loving! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some Things I'm Loving!

So, I definitely meant to blog every day in Hawaii. OBVIOUSLY this didn't happen. I'd love to give some meaningful, thought out reason but the honest truth is it came down to a decision between blogging and pool going, and I was going to soak up as much pool time as I could get! :) 

In an effort to catch ya'll up, I'm linking up today with Katie to share some Some Things I'm Loving! If you haven't checked out this lovely lady yet, DO. She is one of my most favorites! You can get to know her a little better here....and I would definitely suggest you do! So...without further ado. Some things I'm loving!!! :) 

Time of day: Yes, I realize how ridiculously ironic it is that nighttime is currently I'm loving because I'm the biggest dark wuss in the world. HOWEVER. The family made it a habit of heading out to the pool every night when we were in Hawaii & midnight swimming is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. Bucket list add on. 

TV Show: Although watching this in Hawaii, surrounded by water & going to the beach every day was not the best decision, my first time Shark Week experience was fantastic. Sharks are crazy creatures ya'll. 

Reading: I'm working my way through this book right now, just because I've always had so many questions about the topic of predestination. I'm not gonna say it's the best book out there to answer any & all questions, but one thing it has done is solidified in my mind the awesome & ultimate power of our Savior, and His enduring, unbelievable faithfulness. Also, that I really love the book of Isaiah. 

Traveling: Airports are absolutely incredible, while at the same time being incredibly frustrating. I love that traveling back and forth between me and my family & friends is so easy...but it's ridiculous watching me walk through the airport and be like 'Chicago, hmmm wanna go there. Orlando? yeah, probably there too. Atlanta? Yeah, I'll just go ahead and get on that plane.' So many destinations and you can only pick one. And there's so many people I want to see in all of them!! 

Also, always pick the window seat. ALWAYS. 

Guilty Pleasure: I'm coming out to admit that the best friend & I watched these tonight, drank chai tea, fan girled like crazy when Nick Jonas came on stage, scoffed when Miley Cyrus won Most Influential Trendsetter and had a wonderful time! No shame. No shame. 

Clothing: Thanks to Katie (I owe her big time!) I made my first online clothes purchase from Thredup, spent not at all much money, and left for the afternoon feelin' like a big kid! I never order clothes online. EVER. So this was a pretty big milestone. 

Hawaii: You knew this was coming :) I didn't lose my heart or want to move there...I am a southern girl through & through. But I LOVED this island, and look forward to going back sometime in the future! I've already got at least one trip planned ;) My new favorite flower is Plumeria, my name in Hawaiian is Pekani, the beaches are beautiful, and the colors magnificent. I loved it :) 

There's my weekend! Or more or less a quick peek into my brain. Stop by the link-up and make some new friends! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Where Will I Be [When]?

Every summer I fall into the "I wonder where I'll be this time next summer" trap...because I'm nostalgic & sentimental & far to often find myself hoping God will finally put me where I want to be instead of being content where He has me. So, I play the 'picture my life' game. Because sometimes planning my way in the future wedding with my currently non-existent husband naming our suspiciously absent children while I pretend to buy clothes for my not yet achieved counseling job is easier than realizing that right now I'm in a season of learning, training and growing. And that God's got me here for a reason.

Because every time I let myself think "well maybe I'll be here" there's a baby bit of my brain that hopes maybe I will be. And when a year goes by and I'm not as in shape as I want to be, or with the boy I want to be with, or in the job I want to be working....there's a piece of my heart that goes "Lord, how long are you going to make me wait?" And I grumble and complain and let myself get a little more discontent (even if it's just in my heart) because I've spent the last year working myself up to a goal that the Lord never intended me to reach in the first place.

Which, to be honest, is kind of funny. Because every time I look back at a year ago, I'm overwhelmed with this incredible rush of thanksgiving that God doesn't let me plan my life....because He's got better plans, places, people and peace in store for me than I could even imagine at the beginning of my wonderings :) So I suppose here's my plug for God's faithfulness yet again...and a typed out, published reminder to myself not to try and plan out my life before I consult the one who's ultimately planning it for me :)

Enjoy this picture of the Hawaiian white sands....aka possibly in the running for one of my new favorite places :) I'm off to watch the Woman in Black with my family....which I think is an awful life decision, considering I barely survived watching it the first time. But this was DannyBug's movie request, so crossing my fingers I get to sleep tonight. In case you haven't learned this about me yet, I don't do scary movies well. AT ALL. But, in the positive hopes that I actually make it, have a wonderful day and I'll see ya'll soon! :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Roadtrips, Volcanoes, Freakouts and More!

Today's post is gonna be a little bit different because I'm linking up with Sarah over at A Girl Smitten for her I Am Grateful Linkup! You can click on those lovely links OR go to the link at the bottom page. So! Without further ado :)

I am grateful for.... 

 The ocean: I adore the water. I love the beach, the feeling, that atmosphere, and the way your body feels after coming in after a long day in the sun. Being in Hawaii where the beach is everywhere is basically a dream come true!

Inside jokes: Because after 6 months and one weekend, we're finally friends ;)

DannyBug: My little brother is hilarious. He's an absolute dork, but he's growing up & despite the rough edges, God is turning him into a pretty great man :) 
But regardless however, he ruined my panoramic shot with his ridiculous face, so please enjoy this picture ;) 

Yesterday we went on a roadtrip. Yep, a roadtrip. We trekked up to see the Volcanic National Park and after Danny saw the steam ocming out of the ground he assumed we were just putting along on top of a huge lava reservoir, so he freaked out a little bit ;) I wish I could put the video up here! 

Up in the mountains, it's about 65 degrees, and although that's not COLD per say, it's a pretty big leap from 80+ degrees and sunshine on the beach. Never have I been so sure I'm from Texas than when I'm shivering in 60 degree weather & everyone's looking at me like I'm crazy ;) 

So there's the catchup! It's been a wonderful trip so far, and I already don't want to leave :) 

Here's the linkup! Come check it out :) 

The Weekly I AM GRATEFUL Link Up with A Girl Smitten

Monday, August 5, 2013


We're in Hawaii!!!! 

I warned ya'll that these crazy blog posts were coming. My weekend started fantastic with Impact360 Alumni Reunion [which so completely deserves it's own blog post that it will get it] and some of my best friends, continued with me in an airport for several consecutive hours [saved only by several phone calls from some special people] and ended with me arriving in Hawaii to spend a week with my family!!! Hawaii has always been on our 'we must go here before we die' family vacation list...and we're finally checking it off!!! So yes, there will be a lot of these crazy blog posts. There are too many memories happening to skip this part :) So Day 1....go! 

Firstly, jet lag stinks. My day started at 4:50 because my body convinced my brain it was actually 10:50. I finally gave up trying to force myself back to sleep around 5:45 and dragged myself out of bed to the back porch. Although I sulked about it, this actually ended up being a huge blessing in disguise. I got to do my quiet time to the sound of the ocean as the sun came up over Hawaii. I'd say that's a definite win ;) 

We ended up walking to breakfast [since it was right across the road] and I got to barely explore a few pieces of the beautiful place that's going to be home for the next 6ish days. Needless to say, it's unlike much else I've ever seen before. 

The colors here are vibrant and living, and it's impossible to turn anywhere without feeling like God was probably showing off a little bit when He created this island. 

Hawaii is well known for it's white & black sand beaches, so we spent the rest of our afternoon beach hunting! I think the original plan was to visit as many of the white sand beaches as we could before we headed to black sands, but we walked down our very first beach and decided not to leave. Ironically, the one we chose used to be an old military training they warned us explicitly that we were not to touch any left over weaponry that might be lying around! The boys were only slightly disappointed ;) 

The highlight of our day was not only the beach...but the animals it included. And by animals I mean sea turtles. I got to swim with a real life, wild, it was trying to swim away from me, sea turtle!! I even got to pet it...although after I tried it turned around and kind of gave me a 'girl, back off' look. After that I left well enough alone. But this was definitely the highlight of my day :) 

After we absorbed as much sand at the beach as we possibly could, we headed back to the hotel & jumped straight in the pool. With this event comes a confession: I'm probably the most sunburned I've been in a VERY long time as a result of these decisions. I refuse to post a picture, because I'm hoping it will turn into a tan before anyone realizes it's happened :D 

 Now we're fixing frozen pizzas for dinner [which honestly are just about my most favorite things ever] and settling in for a night of family movies. I'm sitting out on our balcony typing this blog post, which is quickly becoming my favorite place in the hotel. It's quiet and peaceful and you can barely hear the ocean in the background...the perfect environment for writing & praying & journaling in the morning :) The time change is a little crazy...starting your evening right around the same time your best friends are ending theirs' gives you a very small conversation window. But I am thankful for friendships that continue, even over long distances! :)

Day 1: complete!!! Tomorrow we're planning on doing a LOT of driving, so here's to long hours in the car and lots of roadtripping music :) Aloha! 
In matters of housekeeping, I'm linking up with the following lovely ladies today!! Click, follow, and make some new friends!! :) 

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