Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Pull the lever, Kronk!"

Guys, guys, guys, I'M ALIVE! 
Settling into college has been crazy, and the amount of time I've had to do things other than homework, sleep, make necessary Walmart runs and drink coffee has been veeeeeery tiny. 
But I'm back. Kind of. 
And I'm participating in one of my very favorite linkups: Some Things I'm Loving with Katie!
Here are some things that have brought a smile to my face this past week :) 

Movie: Without fail, this movie has made it into 95% of my conversations this week.....I've quoted it, laughed at it, talked about wanting to watch it and compared my friends to it over & over & over again. Hey, I'm not complaining.
The Other Juliette

Blog: I recently discovered Juliette from the sidebar of another blogger (whose blog it was, I can't remember. Sorry anonymous writer that I will always be indebted to) and I LITERALLY haven't stopped reading since! This girl is hilarious, and I've literally laughed out loud (yes. lol'ed.) while reading some of her posts...and that normally doesn't happen :D

Music: If you haven't discovered Bethel Worship yet, DO IT NOW. I've had them on repeat since Lauren at Marked by Grace put it on her blog at the beginning of the week. STUCK. IN. MY. HEAD. But given the fact that it's not only a worship song, but one of the most beautiful I've heard in a while, I'm A-Okay with that!

Bloggy-Event-Challengy-Thing: THANK YOU STORY OF MY LIFE! There are not words to describe how excited I am for this upcoming challenge. I watched from a distance as Blog Everyday In May happened way back when, and did my own lovely little version back in June (hereherehere, and here ... alright shameless plug done) so this Blogtember challenge I am beyond thrilled about. Plus, I've been struggling with posting non-serious, non-heavy posts recently because my mind is going a million miles an hour, so prompts are THE BEST THING EVER. 

Drink: Come to me Chai Tea Latte. I think I love you. But really. It reminds me of Christmas & Fall and with those two things coming up, it's time to love on this drink even MORE! 

Randomsh: Phone calls & morning voices. Those are my two current most favorite things. Phone calls because my friends are currently/going to be for a while, few and far apart and phone calls are the only way I hear their voices! And morning voices because I think they're precious and adorable and they make me smile :) 

Come link-up with Katie because she's one of my favorites! 
Also because who DOESN'T want new bloggy friends? 


  1. Loooove the worship song. Thanks for sharing- I always love hearing new ones!! :) OMG girl, you just made me want a chai tea latte SO bad! I haven't had one in what seems like forever. They're the best.

    Thanks for linking up with me!!


    1. I haven't had the first of the season yet, but I'm counting down the days! I'm so glad you liked the's quickly become one of my favorites :D

  2. the emperor's new groove?! I LOVE THAT MOVIE. i remember when we were younger my friends came over with chainsaw massacre and ten minutes in i was all "if youll excuse me, i need to use the bathroom", and went downstairs to watch this instead, HAHA. love love love it!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. ME TOO! Let's be best friends? Hahaha oh GOSH. I remember someone telling me once that they thought Texas Chainsaw Massacre took place in Texas, and I immediately was like 'welp...that's the last time I watch that movie'.