Saturday, August 17, 2013

STIL: Roadtrips & More!

I'll start by apologizing for how quick and possibly light on pictures this blog post MIGHT be about to become. I'm on the road with Momma, we're about to head out to dinner, I'm 2 days away from my best friends, and tonight promises to be exciting! So...if this one is lacking, next Saturday will be packed ;) 
So. Some Things I'm Loving with the lovely Katie!

Savannah: Here's to end-of-summer-back-to-college roadtrips :) This town is my happy place. It eeks contentment, peace & memories both past & future. I've said for a long time the story behind this needs it's own blog post, but I haven't yet...maybe because I haven't quite decided how to word it, and maybe because I'm debating keeping this little corner of my world my own :) 

Projects: I found this lovely little project on Pinterest a little while ago, and due to my recently discovered love of Skylines (see how I snuck that in there?) I've decided it's definitely next on my list. I LOVE this idea and I can't wait to try it! 

Phones: Call it simple because who doesn't love their phone, but I've become increasingly thankful for this lovely little piece of technology as the miles between me & loved ones grows. 

COLLEGE: I'll admit it. Now that I'm out of Texas & on my way (and the ability to go back is gone) I'm excited to be headed back to CIU, Roommates, and PETTY 2!!! 

Summin' it up in 4 or less ;) Loving this weekend and the promises it holds, and the fact that I'm spending it un-official Georgia girling in one of my favorite cities on Earth :) Click on Katie's name, link up, and share your things you're loving! 


  1. I love Savannah too! It has to be one of my favorite places in the country. I hope you have a great time going back to college :)


    1. Right?! It is always, always my happy place :) It's wonderful being back, thanks so much for dropping by!

  2. Savannah is one of my most favorite cities. Jealous you are going back to college. Never graduate. Ever. :)

    1. Hahaha I've heard mixed reviews on that ;) I've heard graduate as fast as you can, and BASICALLY what you just said, never, ever graduate :D
      Savannah roadtrips are always a possibility!

  3. Oh my gosh that skyline lamp...
    where can I find that, because I most certainly need one.

    1. Right?! BEAUTIFUL. I'm PROBABLY the most inept DIY-er ever, but for that lamp I am willing to give it a try :D And yes! I just found it on Pinterest :) It's really easy to do!
      Thanks for dropping by girl :)