Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some Things I'm Loving!

So, I definitely meant to blog every day in Hawaii. OBVIOUSLY this didn't happen. I'd love to give some meaningful, thought out reason but the honest truth is it came down to a decision between blogging and pool going, and I was going to soak up as much pool time as I could get! :) 

In an effort to catch ya'll up, I'm linking up today with Katie to share some Some Things I'm Loving! If you haven't checked out this lovely lady yet, DO. She is one of my most favorites! You can get to know her a little better here....and I would definitely suggest you do! So...without further ado. Some things I'm loving!!! :) 

Time of day: Yes, I realize how ridiculously ironic it is that nighttime is currently I'm loving because I'm the biggest dark wuss in the world. HOWEVER. The family made it a habit of heading out to the pool every night when we were in Hawaii & midnight swimming is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. Bucket list add on. 

TV Show: Although watching this in Hawaii, surrounded by water & going to the beach every day was not the best decision, my first time Shark Week experience was fantastic. Sharks are crazy creatures ya'll. 

Reading: I'm working my way through this book right now, just because I've always had so many questions about the topic of predestination. I'm not gonna say it's the best book out there to answer any & all questions, but one thing it has done is solidified in my mind the awesome & ultimate power of our Savior, and His enduring, unbelievable faithfulness. Also, that I really love the book of Isaiah. 

Traveling: Airports are absolutely incredible, while at the same time being incredibly frustrating. I love that traveling back and forth between me and my family & friends is so easy...but it's ridiculous watching me walk through the airport and be like 'Chicago, hmmm wanna go there. Orlando? yeah, probably there too. Atlanta? Yeah, I'll just go ahead and get on that plane.' So many destinations and you can only pick one. And there's so many people I want to see in all of them!! 

Also, always pick the window seat. ALWAYS. 

Guilty Pleasure: I'm coming out to admit that the best friend & I watched these tonight, drank chai tea, fan girled like crazy when Nick Jonas came on stage, scoffed when Miley Cyrus won Most Influential Trendsetter and had a wonderful time! No shame. No shame. 

Clothing: Thanks to Katie (I owe her big time!) I made my first online clothes purchase from Thredup, spent not at all much money, and left for the afternoon feelin' like a big kid! I never order clothes online. EVER. So this was a pretty big milestone. 

Hawaii: You knew this was coming :) I didn't lose my heart or want to move there...I am a southern girl through & through. But I LOVED this island, and look forward to going back sometime in the future! I've already got at least one trip planned ;) My new favorite flower is Plumeria, my name in Hawaiian is Pekani, the beaches are beautiful, and the colors magnificent. I loved it :) 

There's my weekend! Or more or less a quick peek into my brain. Stop by the link-up and make some new friends! 


  1. YAYYY for thredup!! So glad you got some awesome stuff!! :) And happy to be the one to introduce you, of course. That book sounds really interesting, I may have to check it out.. I watched Teen Choice, too, but my "guilty" pleasure was watching all the PLL crew :)

    Thanks for linking up with me, sweet girl, and for all of the nice things you said!


    1. You definitely should! It's been crazy encouraging & helpful for me :) PLL is fantastic, but I'll admit they lost me somewhere within the first season...I should probably pick that back up again, but I need to actually pass my college semester ;)

  2. Thanks for clickin' and coming to visit my blog :) I love meeting new people! Overseas living is definitely and adventure. We are actually trying to get to Hawaii next. We lived there from 2003-2008 and have been wanting to go back since we left. Such a beautiful place!

    1. Hawaii is BEAUTIFUL....I can't believe you lived there! Thank YOU for stopping back by! :)

  3. How cool it must be to love on Hawaii!!! Isn't shark week insane?! I'll never see the ocean the same, hahaha!

    1. Um, Shark Week is DEFINITELY insane :D My little brother's first comment when we got in the ocean the next day was "uh, guys. Did you know shark attacks happen in 6 feet of water or less?" It made the week much more adventurous, to say the least ;)