Thursday, June 20, 2013

day 20: baby sister.

Here we are, ten days left of June, and I've come to a certain conclusion: I don't want to grow up. Which is hilarious if you've talked to me in the past year or so, because all that's basically come out of my mouth is "get me out of college!" and "husband come to me" and "I want to grow up" grumblegrumblegrumbleimpatientimpatientcomplain. And now I no longer want to. I like being not 20. I like coming home to my family every summer. I like family movie nights and family vacations and family being togetherness during the summer because we're still kids and life hasn't intruded yet. So it is under THAT particular idea that I'm choosing [that's right. I picked it] tonight's blog post topic.

Initially when I asked Patricia for a word, she jokingly rattled off "Oh, do a sister is a forever friend!" And I laughed because I thought she was joking, but when I stopped laughing and looked back at here she was just staring at me with her mouth open and this little 'yeah really!' look on her face. So that is my quote prompt. And since I can't really DO that quote without making it ridiculously's story time again!

I don't have any BABY baby pictures, so here is the youngest one I have.
Patricia is the cute little blonde in yellow. I'm the one in grey holding some...stuffed...thing. 

In August of 1996, 3 year old Bethany walked into a dimly lit hospital room and met little baby new born Patricia for the very first time. I was wearing my favorite rainbow dress [which I wore for days at a time, but I was 3 so that was cute] and as soon as I had introduced myself to the little blonde fuzzy haired baby Mommy was holding, Mamaw took me to Arby's and I got a little bendy knife that then became my favorite thing to eat with for the next 3 years. I don't know why those details are what stand out in my mind, but they are. I was uniquely invested in this baby because Mommy and Daddy had let me name her. They effectively dodged my first baby name suggestion (I don't remember what it was, only that it was at the level of ridiculousness that only a 3 year old can achieve) but when I suggested Patricia they actually kind of liked it. And so, 2 months later, Patricia Elizabeth Stewart entered my life :) 

I would love to say we were inseparable from the beginning, but we weren't. I held her until she started crying, whined when I thought she was stealing Mom and Dad's attention, and loved showing her off to my friends whenever we went out :) Childhood memories come in random snippets. I remember the night we tried to move her into the bottom bunk in my room. It was a fantastic idea in theory, until the lights went out and Mom and Daddy closed the doors. Back to the crib she went. When they found her 2 hours later, trying to put her back in the bunk resulted in hours of crying, hyperventilating, screaming, and general 2 year old 'NOOOOOOOOOOO!'ness. Then we went and left her on the carousel at Santa's Wonderland in Colorado Springs, CO. It was raining and I let myself off the ride, and forgot that she was only 5 or so and couldn't undo the complicated seat belt on her own. 

Okay. That one was my fault. 

We did the 'big sister, little sister, get out of my room, no these are MY friends' thing until we moved to Israel when I was 10. "Oh, it got better then?!" Nope. It got worse. Am I painting an AWFUL picture of our relationship as sisters? I am, because once again most of this is on me. I was, quite simply, a jerk. Somewhere in between the awkward middle school and rebellious high school stage I lost sight of what was important, and most of that included family. So I didn't like baby sister, she didn't know how to deal with me, and it just went PAOIWPIHPOIJETOIJAPIOHWE more often than not. That's the sound of argument, in case you were wondering. 

Enjoy this ridiculousness. please. 

Don't worry's about to turn around :) We moved back to the States the summer before my Junior year of High School, and I don't know whether I just finally grew up or God finally opened my eyes to see that the cutesy little blonde in front of me was actually a ridiculously hilarious & wonderful girl....but for whatever reason, we started spending time together. And not like..."family" time where you have to because parents say so, but legitimately spending time together :) Movies & rodeos & afternoons & dinners out & icecream. And somewhere along the way I was finally officially introduced to the beautiful woman that is my little sister. 

If you have never had a chance to meet this incredible young woman, you need to. She is, in many ways, my exact opposite. I'm relatively short....she's been lovingly dubbed our Amazon warrior. I'm your typical brown haired, hazel eyed brunette. She started off as a bleach blonde blue eyed beauty baby and somehow turned golden along the way. Me playing video games is laughable. She takes people out all of the time. I'm clumsy, she's graceful. I love people, she hates crowds. I'm unrealistic & fantasyish, she's reasonable and sensible. And yet, I continue to need her :) 

When I hang out with my best friend, it's expected that Tricia will come along. We are now a set of Stewart much so that Mama Bownds [my best friend's mom] sings the "Sisters" song from White Christmas every time we get on the phone :D 

Do we still fight? Obviously. Although I don't think we've had a legitimate, yelling, I'mma beat you up fight in a while. Mostly it consists of her being like "Bethany, calm down." and me with the maturity of a 12 year old responding "YOU CALM DOWN!" before walking off with flare. "Flare". 

Snips Gorky, you are beautiful :) You were a gift God gave me 20 years ago, that I am just now learning to appreciate. I am so thankful that you are only a door away for the summers, and a phone call for the rest of the year. To say I don't know what I'd do without you would be absolutely pointless. I don't know where I would even begin :) You are encouraging, supporting, loving, and absolutely wonderful, while simultaneously pushing me to be both grown up [boo you] and make the mature decision. You remind me when I doubt that God is in control, and no obstacle in my life or anyone else's is bigger than He is. You are ridiculously funny, and were you not around we both know I would have killed Yoffi years ago. 

You are more country than I could ever hope to be, wittier, cuter when you're angry, and an attractive crier ;) #putthatontheresume. Youalsotaughtmehowtotalklikethisandithinkitsfunforonlyusbecauseeveryoneelsehatesit. 
But hey, I think it's fun. And so does the occasional other person or 2. So I'm satisfied :) 

You are my absolute favorite PatruskiPattyrishaTurshyPoptartSnipsGorkySeastarrSnickers. And I am so very glad I know you :) Even IF everyone thinks you're older because you're taller and confuses you for my college roommate and not my little sister :) [AND EVEN WHEN YOU CLAIM THAT TITLE IN GROCERY STORES.] 

You will always be my baby sister, regardless of what life happens and what circumstances occur. I will always be here, and I will always love you. You are so much that I hope to be one day, and I admire SO MUCH the woman of God that continues to emerge (even amidst the rough spots) as you grow :) 

Love, BeeGorky. 

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