Sunday, June 2, 2013

day 2: dreams.

Posting on the later side of the afternoon because I've been in a car driving all day coming back from Mamaw's house...with the upside of that being today is my Mamaw's 85th birthday!


But anyways. On to business :) Today's a word and the word IS: 


I love listening to people talk about their dreams and what they're passionate about. Not only is it ridiculously interesting for me, but it's a pretty straight shot into someone's heart :) When people start to talk about someone they love or something they hope to accomplish one day, their eyes light up in a whole different way. If you can keep them talking long enough & it's something they're genuinely passionate about, eventually they forget to keep up the version of themselves they think you want to see, and they just TALK. And I love it :) 

Unfortunately, dreams can be scary too. And this isn't so much the "hopefully one day I'll go here and do this" dream as the "I fell asleep and couldn't wake up" nightmare. I don't have bad dreams very often...which is a huge blessing & gift from the Lord because I think if I ever had a dream bad enough I'd just never go back to sleep. I can't even handle super scary movies. But I have a couple of very close friends who have bad dreams ALL the TIME. And not like....'I went to school without my pants on' bad dreams. Awful, scary nightmares. But the ability of these people to get up the next morning and smile like nothing happened and they slept like babies amazes me. They have a kind of mental strength I'll never understand, and it connects to a strength of character that I continue to admire in both of them :) 

Dreams for me are simple, and they get captured in two words: "bucket list". And the items on that list are a whole lot less important than who I accomplish them with. Charles Martin, an author that I LOVE (if you're looking for something new to read, he's it!) put this quote in one of his books, and it's stuck with me for a really long time... 

"The problem with a wish list was what it told you about the person who wrote it. If it's honest, it's a rock-bottom, bare-bones, clear shot all the way to someone's soul." 
[it's from Where The River Ends, IF you're wondering :)] 

I've been called an open book, and it's true. My bucket list items are simple, easy to accomplish, and to most people probably not all that extreme or exciting. And they don't include EVERYTHING. One day, I hope to be a mother with children of my own. I long to be married to an incredible, Godly man and show him off to my friends and family. I want teenagers to pour into and mentor, and finally send back to their own families and out into the world. But for all the simple ones....that's them :) 

If you're wondering, my list so far is here
Yes. It's pinterest ;) 


  1. I never really thought of dreams like this, but you're right. Dreams are such a great way to learn about who a person truly is! And, happy birthday to your Mamaw!

    1. Thanks Betty! I'll pass it on to her, I know she'll appreciate it! And thanks so much for dropping by :)