Saturday, June 8, 2013

day 8: falling.

Posting on the late side today, even for me, because we just pulled in from ouof town! We were up in Warren attending the funeral of my Mamaw's sister-in-law, and although it was sad it was a beautiful service celebrating the life of an incredible daughter & prayer warrior of the Lord. So between the celebration of Aunt Johnny Ruth being in heaven, and the family I got to see & speak to this weekend, it was both a sad and joyous occasion. 

My word for the day is : FALL

This one is courtesy of Rachel Bownds, one of my very bestest friends (the kind your parents claim on their tax exemptions...) and the fact that it is I find kind of funny. She said I could interpret it as the season, the act of falling in love, or whatever else came to mind. If you have been around me for any extended period of time, you know there really is only one way to interpret this word in regard to my personality :D

Let's just get this out of the way.... I AM THE CLUMSIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.

I'm  not exaggerating. At all. Any one that's close to me can vouch for the truthfulness of this statement. When I was young I tried to blame it on not growing into my body yet, but I think by the age of 19 and the change of NOTHING, I have to finally own up and admit that I have no sense of balance, grace, or the ability to walk straight in the world :D 

I have injured myself in legitimate ways....and those I don't mind. Sports injuries, being run into by people, tripping over things that were legitimately in the way that I just didn't see. THAT'S okay. However, the other 1/2 of this is the slightly embarrassing ones. I walk into doors, walls, windows, and yes, cars. I get moving so fast I don't even process what's in the way of me and where I'm trying to get to. I've tripped and fallen over absolutely nothing, though at the time I think I tried to blame invisible dirt clods or grass hills that (funnily enough) hadn't been a problem for anyone else. 

Of all the people in the world, no one knows this better than my Impact 360 family. Living with people 24/7 makes it hard to hide these kinds of traits ;) From Adventure Module, where I twisted my ankle over a root, to commissioning at the end of the year where I BARELY made it across stage in heels, I have taken more spills, awkward tumbles, and embarrassing face plants in front of these people than anyone else....the most painful of which was me trying to run to the Davis House in the pouring rain, slipping through a puddle, taking the majority of the skin off my left foot, and trying to 'walk it off' until, thankfully, Kartwright [the sensible one in our friendship] made me sit down and wrap it up :) 

The picture is me trying to walk down the surfboard aisle at Walmart. I SWEAR I didn't do anything...but Stephie turned around just in time to watch an entire wall of surfboards fall over on top of me as I walked past. Needless to say it was hilarious, and it wouldn't have happened to anyone BUT me. Go figure ;) 

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