Thursday, June 6, 2013

day 6: tokens of affection.


Yup. That's my word for today^. I didn't really know how to come at this one....I'll be honest, the first thing that came to mind was the scene from Inception where Cobb tells Ariadne to make a totem so she'll know when she's dreaming & when she's actually awake. Fantastic movie. Weird association. NOT much guidance on how to write a blog post. 

But then....I got it :) 

I am a notorious packrat. I keep everything...from EVER. This includes not only things like letters & pictures (which normal people keep) it can also include receipts, movie stubs, guitar picks, name tags, and the like. 

I lovingly dubbed myself a memory hoarder. If there's memories associated with it, I'll keep it :) I have receipts from dinners at Impact, movie stubs from spontaneous movie nights, guitar picks that got accidentally pocketed after worship nights, airplane tickets from international get the idea. I've got shoeboxes in my closet packed with memories from my junior year of high school and on. Impact shoebox is currently the mostest. It's bursting at the seams :) 

I cherish memories. I love spontaneous nights that start with a phone call, and end with a truck full of friends in the middle of nowhere drinking cream soda and laughing about absolutely nothing. All my little trinkets have stories associated with them, and it's the stories [and the people they consist of] that make me smile :) But how does this match the word of the day? you ask. 

Because I'm Bethany, sometimes I feel the need to make up phrases & words to describe things when I feel the ACTUAL English word doesn't suffice. So I renamed my trinkets too. 

.i call them my tokens of affection.

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