Monday, June 24, 2013

day 24: juice.

This is gonna be a shoutout to the Petty 2 men. Aka, that sentence was a little disclaimer that if this blog post doesn't make much sense to everyone reading, it's because MOST of it's in direct reference to jokes, ridiculousness and overall hilariousness......but for most of it I guess you had to be there :P

The Core Five (minus Landon) 

I say Core 5 not because they're the 5 most important guys on the hall, OR because they're the 5 coolest guys on the hall, although I think they're all of those things but I have to because I'm related to most of them through the weird Petty2East family tree that formed halfway through the year. These 5 men (plus Landon) are the reason that the roommates caw when they enter rooms (or anywhere actually) talk in  weird accents (that sound Italian coming from Kayla) and get really, REALLY freaky looks from strangers because we forget that not EVERYONE knows that when you make a fist you've now made it possible for people to steal the fistbump from you. I'd say they're the reason we're weird, but honestly we were weird before we met them. They just kinda claimed us and made it a lil' more culturally acceptable :) 

On a MUCH more serious note, these 5 guys (plus Landon) are some of the most Christ-centered, Gospel driven men that I know...even more so because they somehow manage to be wise, funny, ridiculous, encouraging, including, and big brother-esque all in one. They set an example not only in the way the treat those around them, but specifically in the way they treat those closest to their heart....a couple of them are dating my best friends ;) I am thankful I have them in my life to listen to, look up to, respect, and occasionally, occasionally laugh at. 

Thank you roommate for the prompt for today. 


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