Saturday, June 1, 2013

day 1: summer skies.

For those of you who are part of the blogging world you know about this lovely little trend that went around called 'Blog Everyday In May.' If you aren't you don't know, and probably don't care. Blog Everyday In May challenged bloggers to...well, blog every day in May (go figure :D) by using the prompts provided....just general things like 'describe yourself in 10 words' or 'describe someone super important to you'. Basic things like that.

I LOVE this idea....and I'm actually really excited about it :D I love writing and blogging and reading, especially when I'm writing with a purpose. But I didn't want to use the same, everyday prompts the rest of the blogging world was using. SO, I went out and asked some very close and respected friends of mine for prompts they came up with...whether that was words, quotes, questions or statements :) And since my friends are so wonderfully creative (and have LOTS of ideas) this is actually going to turn into 'Blog A Day In June....PLUS About A Week in July'. But that didn't have the same ring to it ;) So! Day 1! And the word of the day is...


I love this word and this state of being and this mindset and this SEASON. Summer for me is free reading, late mornings, even later nights, sunsets, lakeside, memories, best friends, and freedom. It's really, REALLY hot days, and nights that are almost perfect, barefeet, sweat, sunshine, snowcones, rainstorms, Remington Trails, phone calls, distance and JESUS. Is that cliche? Yes. But I love it anyways :)

Originally, my summer plans meant trekking out to Rome, Georgia and being a counselor at WinShape Camps for Girls. But, God in His perfect providance, allowed that to fall through. So now my summer plans consist of:
  • Watching Blake & Megan, two beautiful 9 almost 10 year old twins I've watched for the past 2 years
  • Attempting to access my inner interior designer [SMIRK. that doens't exist] in order to decorate the Stewart Family Lakehouse, as well as MANY sunrises and sunsets by the water!
  • GETTING TAN(ish)....
  • Working through my 45 item Summer Bucket List...fingers crossed I actually get through most of it!
  • POSSIBLY Alumni Reunion in Pine Mountain, Georgia with my second family (pray hard about this one!)
  • Graduations for 2 of my very best friends, and my little brother
  • Countless morning, noons and nights with my extremely wonderful family :)

Welcome to June, everybody! It's finally here!!

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