Friday, June 14, 2013

day 14: kooky.

"Kooky! It's like cookie with an 'oo' instead of an 'uh'" 

The word of the day is 'kooky' which I love because (1) it's not actually a word I don't think, and if it is it's not used nearly often enough and (2) because this word can be used to describe me, my best friend, and most situations we get ourselves into. 

Kooky is appropriately used when something is a little off and a little strange....somewhere between 'i ate the glue in preschool' and 'sometimes I talk to myself.' I don't think it's a bad thing to be :D 

If you know me you know I'm a little bit...kooky. I have my quirks and my little ticks....I use sound effects when words aren't sufficient, make up my own when I feel the English language is too boring. I talk to myself, run laps in the rain, and imitate birds to get my friends attention. My laugh is loud and never sounds quite the same twice in a row. I'm awful at telling stories, get distracted in the middle, and write my thoughts better than I speak them. 

I've been blessed enough to find best friends that do all of these things with me....or at least think I'm funny when I do :) 

So I guess this is my plug to embrace the weird. Within reason of course. If your friend is STILL eating, you might wanna take a few steps back.  But everyone has their quirks, and while sometimes they might bug you, if you try and put people in the box of what the world says "popular" "cool" and "funny" looks might be missing out on a lot :) 

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