Wednesday, June 12, 2013

day 12: best friend pieces of my heart.

Today has been a blech day. I have spent most of today incredibly frustrated. To begin with, the part of my brain that goes "sleep" around midnight on my nights before work decided to delay that till about 2:00 in the morning last night. I am a night owl. I love nighttime. But when I have to get up and play with two beautiful twins for 9 hours for a week, I NEED MY SLEEP! My mind, instead of speeding up, decided to go about a thousand miles an hour faster than normal, and all of a sudden little things that shouldn't be issues become big things I can't seem to get off my mind. So it was with a racing mind, frustrated spirit, and heavy heart that I reached in to choose today's word. 

Which just REALLY makes me laugh, because today's word/phrase is: 

.best friends.

Which really just confirms for me that God does have a sense of humor, and also delights in bringing me back to reality and out of pity parties quite often...because the best way to do that is to get me talking about my best friends :) 

Contrary to popular belief, the term "best friend" is not one that I dub people easily. Just because I've been blessed with quite a few of them doesn't mean that it isn't an absolutely huge deal in my life. At this point, the women are more like sisters and the men are people that I want to follow around and be just like when I grow up, if that ever happens! If I call you my best friend, it means that I trust you. I love you. I see things in you that I admire. You've changed my life. When I am with you I am reminded of the Gospel, and an all-powerful God that gives me gifts I do not deserve: you. So here are my handful of people that blow my mind, love me well, and I am incredibly thankful for :) 

The Gibbers [Lissa & Stephie] - Melissa and Stephanie came into my life when I was in Israel. I was a snot-nosed little freshman who thought I was big stuff...Melissa was a senior who cared enough to look past the obnoxious and love me anyways :) With Lissa came Stephie, who consistently makes me laugh, brings out the Austrian within, and makes me miss her more every time I leave. Lissa and Stephie, God put you in my life for a reason, and I owe so many dodged bullets and unmade mistakes to your willingness to listen to His urging and look past the immature exterior ;) Thank you. 

The Rooms [JessJess, Kase, and Qualsies] - I put Jess and the Kaylas' together as one person because we basically are. These three girls are my CIU core. They uplift me, encourage me, challenge me, push me when I'm lazy, and remind me of the truth when I'm scared. They laugh when I trip over myself, accept me wholeheartedly, and love me more than I deserve. Roomsies, all three of you are gifts that I could not have asked for if I wanted to. I love you :) 

The Proverbs 31 Women [Mir, HannahGrace & Pamela Sue] - These women, whether they know it or not, are essentially my role models. Wise beyond their years, they continuously pour wisdom into me and point me closer to the Cross. Pam and Hannah I have been close to since Impact...due to a variety of circumstances (and some extreme ridiculousness on my part) Miriam has been a recent addition to my heart and one I am beyond thankful for. I trust these women with pieces of myself not many people get to see. They are my safe place. I am in awe of the work God has done & continues to do in them & through them. Ladies, you are a living example of a Gospel-driven, daughter of the King, and I respect you so much. 

SamSam - Samuel Cottle is the quiet one, and to be honest I have no idea why he sticks around or puts up with me, but I'm so thankful he does. I am hyper and off the wall and all over the place crazy, and he never fails to come back around :) He accepts me. Regardless of how ridiculous, overdramatic, or enthusiastic I get, he is always there. He is my drop by the house unannounced, random pool party, ghost adventure, movie night, packing buddy, go to guy. SamSam, I am thankful for you. 

The Dear Friend [StanMan] - Our friendship started over a cross country competition that I never, EVER won and continued through basketball, track, senior year, Sadie, late night conversations, Impact and finally his high school graduation :) Somewhere along the way, he became less of my friend and more of my little brother, even though of the two of us he's probably the more mature one and definitely the taller one ;) Stan is wise beyond his years, serious about his faith, and constantly seeking the Lord. He is someone I can not talk to for a while, then come back to have a huge catch-up session with and it's like nothing has changed. He laughs at me, thinks its funny that I'm clumsy, and encourages me always :) So, Stanley, this coming year I will miss you. I admire you so much :) 

Kartwright - Of all the people God has thrown into my life, I can honestly say this man has been used by the Lord the most. He has been the source of encouragement, challenges, lessons, unconditional love and acceptance, respect, admiration, and all over ridiculousness. All the people I've named have different tags and labels, but his is the simplest: best friend. He laughs at me, teases me, and in true big brother fashion beats up anyone else who tries to do so. Unless he thinks its funny ;) I admire this man, and respect so greatly the man of God I continue to see. know :) thank you. 

I've mentioned lots of people, but there are three [besides the ACTUAL sister who has an entire blog post coming later] that have moved so far past the "best friends" point that they are officially my unofficial twin & two baby sisters :) So, if you've read through this long, there's only 3 more. [sorry. I know it's long]. 

SistahFriend [Rachey Rach]- Rachel Bownds has been in my life since we walked through the door of the church nursery together at 4 years old. Come summer time, she lives with me. We somehow survived 5 years of living in 2 different countries, and now college is here and there's miles in between us, and she is still my same age as me sister. Rach, you are different from me, and funny, and beautiful, and all over the place, and parking lot jamtastic, and I literally do not know where I would be without you. I love you. Thank you. [ThunderThighsRadiantTurtleEthelMoobtha]. Your NickyB. 

The Little [Hanners] - Hannah Richards has moved from Facebook friend to Impact little to sister and loved one in a simple year. The rational, realistic, slightly pessimistic side of me, she is one of my favorite people in the world. I have watched as Christ has transformed her from a graduated and uncertain senior to a beautiful, trusting, feeling woman of His, and it has been beautiful and I have cried several times. Hannah, from your first visit to Impact amongst a hurried tour led by me and one lucky other person [winkwink] I knew you were special. I like you. A lot :) 

and FINALLY.....

The Southern Bell [Kels] - I say bell because I've always spelled it that way and this is my blog post and I can. Kelsey Ann and I have been in the same place, ONCE. We've spent two hours together. And we've sent thousands of text messages since then. If I had to claim one person I saw as my legitimate "do not hurt her or I kill you" little sister, it'd be her. She is ALREADY an incredible leader, worker, lover of people, and compassionate hearted beauty, and she JUST graduated High School :) Kels. 4 hours is nothing. I can't wait. 

There. That's it. It's done. These people have changed my life. 
I do not deserve them.....
but I am so thankful I have them :) 

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