Friday, June 7, 2013

day 7: how to love ANYTHING.

I'm up so early. Why am I up so early? [7:15, for those wondering]. A quick update on the goings-ons at the Stewart house. Bug (Daniel) graduated last night (from junior high that is) which puts 3 out of the 4 Stewart children officially in High School or older. He's done so well this past year, and we're all incredibly proud of him :) This morning the family is heading up to Warren for the funeral of Mamaw's sister-in-law-but-really sister. So if you think about it, keep her (and us) in your prayers :)

Okay! On to day 7. 

There's my quote for the day :) I happen to be a huge Chesterton fan so I'm kind of excited about this one, despite the fact that it's one I'm going to have to REALLY think about and I'm not sure my brain's awake yet. But here we go! 

This happens to be one of my favorite quotes by G.K. I think it speaks an incredible truth into Christ-driven relationship & friendship, living an effective life, and making an impact on the community & people around you. And it boils down to: you are not entitled to anything. 

Not the woman (or man) you're in love with, not the job that you work at, not the family you're given, not the fact that you can wake up tomorrow, not the ability to go running, not the opportunities to be at wonderful schools with wonderful people, nothing. It's a counter-cultural idea because in America we grow up saturated in the idea that we have rights & liberty that we're entitled to, and while that may be true before the government it is NOT before the Lord. Our God is a God of grace, and He DELIGHTS to shower us with His gifts and mercies, but in no way, shape or form do we have the right to demand that He do so because we think we deserve it. 

When you approach relationships & life from this way, people, moments and memories become so much more precious. If you knew for a fact that this, today, was the last conversation you were going to have with your parents, friends or loved one, the last day you [or they] had on Earth, you wouldn't argue with them. You wouldn't bring up that petty disagreement from last week, or say hurtful things to hurt them because they hurt you. You wouldn't ignore their needs, problems or desires because "I'll have more time to get to that later." You'd love them. You'd cherish the time you had, and regret that you don't have more. In the face of loss, the gift of life, love & relationship becomes precious....and our disagreements and complaints become incredibly insignificant. 

So, I guess this is a reminder not to take for granted the life & people you've been blessed with...that I've been blessed with. Nothing silly or cliche like "live each day like it's your last" :P...but this Earth is temporary. It is passing. Our time is short, and we don't know when it ends. So don't assume that the people who were there yesterday will be there tomorrow them well, today, because truth be told it might be all you have :) 

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