Sunday, June 30, 2013

day 30: the end.

It's June 30th. Which means the end of Blog-a-Day in June. Which means the end of June. Which BLOWS MY MIND. Where is my summer going?! 

I kind of scrolled through my list of words still left, scratching my head & looking for one to do. I have five or six words still left that I could do, but to be honest most of them are incredibly thought provoking and I wanted to hang on to them so I could have some more time to think about it. So if you gave me a prompt, and I missed it, that's why :P. So, instead of picking a word to do in specific, I thought I might just go back over my month. So here we go! 

I started blogging at the beginning of June because I thought it would be a fun little thing to get me thinking...and surprise, surprise God has used it over & over again to get me thinking, remind me of His faithfulness, and start conversations with friends that I didn't think I would ever have. It was hard and wonderful and ridiculously fun all in one, and I'm actually really going to miss it! 

Highlight of the month: the sister friend turned 20. 
At first this was an exciting new development, but now that it's actually set in she's starting to freak out a baby bit. 

I include this picture because it is one of my favorite ones. Ever.
Because she is a precious little dumpling. 
And because when I think 'summer' this picture continually comes to mind! :) 

Father's day came & went & I just really love & appreciate my family a whole bunch. 
Even if Daniel is making a chipmunk face.

To finish, Daddy and I went sunset chasing tonight with Matti in tow. He tried to surf in the back of the truck the whole way, but once Daddy actually got out on open highway he panicked a little and sat back down ;)

Yeah. I think this might quickly have to become an actual summer tradition. Not only was it beautiful, but it was some wonderful time spent with my Daddy :)

To everyone who started reading and didn't stop, thanks for sticking around :) The conversations & thoughts I've had because of it made this whole thing worth it, and stuck a few memories alongside just to make it even better.

June, it's been fun and I will miss you.

But since July & August hold just as many if not MORE exciting things, it makes saying goodbye just a little bit easier!!! 

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