Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July & weekend adventures!

It's late. I know it is. But I told myself as soon as I got home from the weekend at the lake I'd go ahead and post because this is BASICALLY the only chance I'm going to get to do it. 

Tomorrow is dedicated completely to cleaning the room & getting everything put together because when Tuesday arrives the Little touches down at 1 o'clock and we get an entire WEEK together! Which, if anyone is wondering, is the longest time we've ever spent together without having to say goodbye somewhere in the middle :) 

So before the crazy sets 4th of July weekend! 
[complete with pictures] 

We went all out for 4th of July outfits this year...sunglasses & facepaint included! 

We camped out on the back porch for dinner right as a storm rolled over the lake

We ended up sheltering this little guy from the rainstorm, much to the disgust of the bug-hating best friend

Afternoon rainstorms kind of killed the fun on the lake, so we chose SpongeBob as our cartoon of choice :P 

And finally walked outside to this beautiful sunset, which of course meant we had to take a billion & one sunset photos 

He made me promise I would include the one of him pretending to push me in.....
and even though he's not making ONE normal face in any of these photos, he is my baby brother and I swear he loves me too

We finally headed out to a nearby new friend's house to watch the fireworks

Other big events of the weekend included putting the boat in the water for the first time 

Of course we had to name it. We batted the names Kingfisher, Kota and Skeeter around for a little while, and finally narrowed it down to Kota because that's what's written all over the boat anyways 

We went tubing, which resulted in me & baby being thrown off MULTIPLE times, and ending up sorer than I've been since I ran track in high school 

And there was my weekend :) 

This blog was mostly pictures and very little words, so I'll work on fixing that soon. But for now I've got to get to bed, so I actually have energy to throw clothes into my closet before Hannah gets here ;) 


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