Friday, July 19, 2013

Pre-Weekend Ramblings.

Essentially, this is another one of those random, no point blog posts. I don't have the time to sit down & blog about something heavier (those are in the works) but I've missed blogging for about a week and I wanted to get something down! So, randomness embraced, and let's go :D

- I have several questions rattling around in my head right now, the biggest ones being 'It's July WHAT?' and 'WHERE did my summer go?!' It seems like LITERALLY maybe 3 weeks ago I drove Baby Blue (aka my car Scofield) across the Lousiana/Texas border. Apparently it's been MUCH longer than that :D All that being said, I'm actually kind of okay with it. Beginning of August means end of camps, weekend of Alumni Reunion, and some wonderful much needed vacation time with my family on the beach. The beach!!! So we're good :)

The beginning of our roadtrip! 3 weeks ago, right? 

- Seeing as how I DO have to see people that haven't seen me in a year, a lot of Wednesday afternoon was spent chasing down sales with my Momma. I'm actually rather proud to say that I managed to pick out some pretty cute clothes for myself for upcoming reunion & vacation trip! This is more of an accomplishment than it sounds, because style is something that is NOT on my list of gifts. But it's incredible how far studying pinterest boards can get you ;) All that to say, there's new clothes and I'm excited. 

- Most of this week has been spent at VBS with 4&5 year olds, which means I now talk to everyone like they're 4 or 5 year olds. But there will be pictures & stories & a full blog post dedicated to that at some point, so we'll leave it here for now :) 

- I've discovered an all time FAVORITE of mine is being read aloud to...and reading books aloud to others. This has definitely become more & more common over my summer, and I LOVE it!! 

- The no-biting nails resolution is coming along nicely! They were painted for the first time in several weeks this morning, and so far I haven't figited or scratched it off :)

- So, a year ago my family finally made it to Disney World after 18+ years of planning. After we got home, Poptart and I made a promise to Rach that we'd take her back come Christmas and then kind of forgot about it. But after a lot of suggestions became ideas, those ideas became conversations, and those conversations became pleas with the parents, Turshy, Rachel & I will be headed out for #Disneyorbust2013 Christmas break this year :) Although this has meant a LOT of summer saving, we're excited out of our minds!! 

- I made the HUGE mistake of letting the new Miley Cyrus song play on the radio when I was in the car last week....and now I can't get it out of my head. Moral of the story: if you think something's catchy, CHANGE IT before you realize it is! 

Completely honestly, this week has been a week of crazy blessings for me :) I've been able to catch up with best friends far away, figure out the answers to a lot of end of summer plans, and gotten to love on some PRECIOUS kids :D There have been many, many phone calls (which are always some of my favorite things in the world) and last night I was reunited with one of my very best friends! And then simultaneously embarassingly trashed while playing Super Smash Brothers by that same best friend :) 

All in all, it has been a WONDERFUL week :) 

In order to make some new friends, I'm linking up with the Friday Chaos Blog Hop hosted by the lovely Oh So Amelia. So if you're looking for some new people to follow, check it out by either clicking the link or the picture below! 

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