Thursday, June 27, 2013

day 27: running with no feet.

The law commands us to run and work, but gives us neither hands nor feet
- John Bunyan- 

I love this quote. 

"But Bethany, haven't you said that about almost EVERY single quote/word you've posted?" 

Most likely, yes. Yes I have. I suppose I just have super creative friends that give me prompts about things I actually enjoy talking about! 

I love this quote because I think it hits [and then completely destroys] everything that the popular answer to the question "Well, why do you think you'll go to Heaven when you die?" 

"I mean...I'm a good person, right? I'll be okay." 
Translation: I've earned this dude. What are you talking about? 

The only problem with the idea that you can "earn" salvation, is that it's humanly impossible. It requires the completion of standard that we physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, CANNOT meet. 

The law demands perfection. 
We are innately, by nature, imperfect.

The law in the Old Testament demanded the completion of a system of rules and regulations....
and then put into place a system of sacrifice & atonement because people couldn't complete it. 

Essentially what we're saying here, is that the Law demands from human beings a result, and then gives us absolutely no means or ability to get to that result. It's individual based and requires that we draw from our own strength and abilities. There's no room for error or mistake, not without the accompanying immediate consequence. The Law demands from us what it cannot ever equip us to give. 

And (because you knew it was coming) that's what's so ridiculously fantastic about the Gospel to me. Not only does Christ fulfill the Law for us, He provides us with the motivation and heart change required to live out that fulfillment. So...we do nothing. 


Christ is the answer to the question....

and the process in which you get to that answer....

and the whole basis and standard for the question to begin with.

That blows my mind. 

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