Wednesday, June 5, 2013

day 5: crossing the finish line.

and the word of the day is 

Doing cross country senior year got me very familiar with one feeling in particular: the feeling when both of your feet finally cross the finish line. Physically, mentally, and emotionally you're exhausted. You've left everything back on a 2 mile racecourse. You have nothing left to give or hold onto, except this little bubble of pure joy, accomplishment and excitement that you can FINALLY stop running. You're finished
In a lot of ways, this feeling fits this year for me at CIU. Starting in August with no expectations and a lot of unknowns, and driving off campus to end in May with no energy, and lots of memories. So for the memories that made it bearable, and the struggles that made it worth it, here's to a year's worth of memories that I can finally mark finished

.beach weekends with my best friends in Savannah, Georgia.

 .19th birthday celebrations.

.the CIU fall hoedown with my lovely hall. 

.autumn in downtown Columbia.

.winter formal.


.passion 2013..i have no words.

.luke bryan at rodeo houston 2013.

.this night. too much laughter.

.all those roadtrips back to the 2013ers.

.charleston 2013 with the roommates.

.collins' family easter.

.all these crazy crazy friends.

I don't have pictures to represent my struggles, but since all the ups have to have downs the struggles were definitely there too :) And with them, I am also glad to be finished

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