Sunday, January 6, 2013

Immeasurably MORE.

I wasn't sure what to title this blog. I didn't write a post to sum up 2012, not because I was lazy but because I was overwhelmed in Atlanta, Georgia by the amount of old friends I was able to spend my New Year's with :D

I spent my New Years at the Passion 2013 conference, with 64,999 other people praising our Savior. I don't know HOW to sum up the experience, so I'm going to try and do it with a somewhat out there analogy-like thing. So here goes.

The very first session Louis Giglio spoke. Now, because there's 65,000 of us in the Georgia Dome he was obviously miked up and thrown up on the massive screens so that everyone could both see and hear him. So if you were watching the screens and just listening (which I was) it seemed as if Louis Giglio was this massive, overwhelming presence slowly spreading through the Dome. But I took a second to look down (honestly it was because I was crying) and saw the stage....and all Louis Giglio consisted of was this tiny, tiny, TINY little man in a corner of the stage, totally reliant on the microphone and screens to spread his message out to the rest of us. And it got me thinking.

THIS is what I learned at Passion 2013. We are just tiny, tiny, TINY little humans running around in the shadow of an omnipotent, powerful, HUGE God, completely and totally reliant upon Him and ONLY Him to spread our story of His glory to the rest of the world. Just like Louis would have been unable to speak without the screen and microphone, we are unable to bring about anything without Jesus. Our God is overwhelmingly powerful, and overwhelmingly BIG! He is IMMEASURABLY more than our wildest dreams.

Which leads to Bethany sitting in family group, shaking, unable to sit still, because I've never understood just how much I CAN'T understand just how much our God is. Spiritual high, shaky tears, and the absolute inability to talk :D

I am blessed beyond belief, and I got to experience all this sitting beside some of my BEST friends. God is bringing change, and we're going to be a part of it. Praise Him.

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