Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November has arrived!


I had a friend once that teased me about getting too excited about the little things of life. Half the time I think he's right, and half the time I think 'meh!' :P But this month is PACKED and I cannot WAIT.

I've realized this month that I have a lot of dreams. Yes, sadly, my bucket list has not gotten any smaller. For the one or two items I've accomplished, I'm pretty sure I've added three or four more. Also, weirdly enough, a LOT of them have to do with the sunrise. Probably cause that's my favorite time of day :D Then there's the list of things I want to do with my little sister come Thanksgiving Break, my ACTUAL bucket list, and the small list of wishes I keep in my desk that the general public doesn't get to see. But let it be known, I HAVE actually started to make a dent in this thing....


Week 1 held the North/South Football Game :D What what!

That would be the ladies of the South. Who played well, but DID in fact get our butts handed to us by the ladies of the North. Seriously though, it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Plus I got to use the phrase "Hey Bethany, where you headed?" "Oh, just football practice...." and then watch people's faces try to put together WHY this freshman college girl was talking about playing football for her bible college. Also, our shirts not only LOOK like they're highlighter yellow...they actually are, in fact, highlighter yellow. Just a small added bonus to the night. 

Week 2 was the play AND Sydney's birthday AND a family dinner at Mo's with Mom, Dad, Sister, Aunt Michelle and the rest of our hall family that we haven't family tree-ed yet :D The play was You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, and featured 3 of the lovely hallmates as Lucy, Sally and Woodstock :D We may or may not have made a giant sign with copies of their faces on it, and then cheered at random times during the performance. 

AND FINALLY WEEKEND THREE IS HERE! I've only been waiting for this weekend for...eh, 45ish days :D I'M GOING HOME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Not HOME home. Impact 360 home :D And with this comes the fact that I am finally going to get to meet the new Impacters, finally going to get some quality face-to-face time with the beautiful Hannah Richards, and best of all, I'm going to get to see my IMPACT FAMILY! Or parts of them anyways :D And just because the excitement doesn't stop there, Saturday and Sunday I'm going to be in Savannah, which right now holds the title of my favorite eastern coast city (it's vying with 2 others for the title, but I haven't been to the other 2 yet...) with my BEST FRIENDS Melissa and Stephanie!!!! 

Then, I'm back at school for one day...ONE day, and I'm on a plane, in the sky and flying home. My flight leaves at 5:30 in the morning on Tuesday, which means I will be one very happy, but VERY sleepy chick. But one VERY short week from now, I will be reunited with my baby sister, my wonderful brothers, and my BEAUTIFUL parents!!! And over the course of ALMOST a week Tricia and I will: 
  1. Have Thanksgiving. Seriously. Where is my life going? 
  2. Fall photoshoots. 
  3. Make a fire. 
  4. By the Taylor Swift album! And then transfer that album to Julia and Alicia! 
There's more, but they're just little things and this blog post is getting LONG. I can't believe November is actually here, and we're ALREADY almost halfway through it. College is flying by so much faster than I expected, and I can't believe the relationships the Lord has put me in...and the doors He's opening to new ones ;) 


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