Sunday, March 10, 2013

Life as a First Semester Sophomore

Life has been INSANELY crazy lately :D I can't believe we're 3/4ths of the way through our freshman year at CIU, which ALSO means that year wise I'm almost 1/2 through my SOPHOMORE year of college! It feels like the past 2 and 1/2 months have passed in almost NO time, so I'll try and sum up the highlights of second semester :D

I've gotten to go back to Impact twice, which has been amazing. The 2013 class holds an incredibly special place in my heart, and I'm so thankful they put up with all my creeping and ridiculousness when I crash on their campus ;) I've been in Savannah once, which as anyone whose asked knows is the city that I am in LOVE with.

I've run into multiple hard objects, clipped the back of a mini-van with my poor car, punched the cafeteria tray line whilst going for Xander's fist, and stolen back East 2's hall pet Aslan from Petty 2, sporting a wonderful war wound under my arm from where Cameron made contact with his foot. I've seen beautiful South Carolinian sunsets, driven over the Broad River multiple times, and ALMOST convinced Xander, Jess and the Kayla's to take a spontaneous trip to Charleston. I've planned future trips to Disney World (2014 or bust!), a spontaneous hotel night in Charleston, AND sophomore fall break to Chicago with Cordy :D I've laughed harder, cried more, and experienced more emotional ups and downs then God has taken me through yet, and through it all He has demonstrated that He is GOOD and always, ALWAYS faithful. I've cried about being away from my best friend, wished desperately that I was closer to the people I love, and come to the realization (with some frying pans to the face from the Lord) that I'm exactly where He wants me to be.

I've adopted a little (the beautiful Hannah Richards) as well as several of her wonderful classmates. I've watched friendships end and friendships begin, and CONTINUE to be thankful for my beautiful roommate.

Being single right now STINKS with a capital S, and like a classic teenager I whine about it a lot, but somehow God continues to be loving and faithful, even in the midst of my kind of ridiculous pity parties ;) He continues to teach me patience and trust, all things that sounded really good when I prayed them but are proving to be a tinge bit harder to actually learn in real life.

I am thankful for my wonderful family (whom I will see in a WEEK), and the growth that has happened from last Spring Break to this one. I am thankful for memories that both hurt and heal, trials, singleness (SOMETIMES), small group, downtown Columbia, BAUX, country music (which I listen to an unhealthy amount), the fantastic group of brothers that have adopted East 2, my best friends, my sisters, and the fact that I have a small Instagram addiction. I use the term small liberally. I am thankful for swing sets and long talks, guitars and coffee, music, quiet, and the ability to journal. I am thankful that little things = big excitement, and small smiles can make whole days brighter :)

And above all else, I am thankful that God goes nowhere, knows everything, and loves me always. Because heaven knows, literally, that I do not deserve it.

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