Monday, April 22, 2013

Moments pass WAY to quickly!

I got spend my weekend in Pine Mountain!! Like always, this makes it one of the best weekends ever. Add to that the fact that I got to hang out with the 2013ers, got to see MY 2012 (especially the ones I didn't think were going to be there but were) and got back to my home away from home for a little while, and my weekend was FAN.TASTIC.

I got to help out planning a block party for some of the kids in Pine Mountain, and it was amazing. Over the course of about 3 hours there was a group of 4 kids who held my hand, told me the stories behind all their treasures and turkey feathers, screamed "draw on my face Ms. Bethany!" and asked me to pick them up when they got tired. It might sound silly, especially since I was only with them for a little while, but I now CARE about these children, and it didn't hit me until I got back up in the truck that I'll probably never see them again. So on a lot of different levels, I got my moments with them and now it's over and I sincerely hope that they counted for something.

On a WHOLE different level, this concept makes me think of the 2013 class, my class, and I guess just about life in general. I LOVE the 2013 Impact class. They are strong in so many ways my class wasn't, and they are a mashup of so many different, unique, absolutely awesome personalities. It has been a huge, HUGE blessing and adventure to try and get to know them. But now they're about to be commissioned and they're moving out into the world to see whatever incredible things God has planned for them....and in a lot of ways my moments with them have come to an end. And I hope they counted for something.

AND then of course there's my class. My wonderful class whom I miss greatly when I'm away from them, and for whom I'm very thankful that so many of them are still actively a part of my life. But we're spread out all the way from Chicago to Florida, and I don't get to see them very much. And in so, so many ways my moments actually WITH them came to an end, and occasionally I get a few more moments with them for things like Service Weekend, and I hope that they did and continue to count for something.

I guess I just remembered that sometimes God separates people so that they can bring greater glory to Him in different places....and not to take moments and memories and people and friendships and the fact that I can look across the room and make eye contact with my best friend for granted :) I was challenged by a really good friend to make my moments count, regardless of how much time I MIGHT have left to pour into somebody. So....I guess challenge accepted :)

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