Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Charleston, South Carolina.

Anyone that's heard me talk about places I want to visit knows that Charleston has been on the top of my list since I got into the Savannah/Charleston debate with my best friend a year ago. It was ALSO placed on my bucket list immediately, so it is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I can officially say....

(and officially crossed bucket list item #56 off the list) 

To say the weekend was fun would be a huge understatement, and there's no way I will be able to bring all the memories back in one blog post. So. I'll let each picture be worth the thousand words they're worth, and keep this somewhat short :) 

We got stuck in traffic on the way up.....so obviously this meant we had to entertain the hundreds of cars in line behind us. The picture is Kase peeling her orange and flinging it in patterns behind us. Other entertainment included kareoke, chinese firedrills, random picnics, and all out jam sessions. 

We got 3 thumbs up, 5 head shakes, several laughs, and a few more judgmental glances....

Our group consisted of the beautiful roommate Jess and I, and our other roommate half Kase &Quails (both of whom are ACTUALLY named Kayla) 

We explored many a pineapple fountain, and walked the Battery at LEAST twice. 

We experienced the Charleston City Market....I found a thimble to fill the empty space in my shadow box. Other meaningful purchases included spoon rings, Irish heart rings, and a free basket flower from Jess' secret admirer ;) 

We walked Historic Downtown Charleston, stalked horse drawn carriage tours, and took many beautiful pictures.

Jess found this in the back of her car....it seems she has, at some point, made a terrible mistake! 

We picked up a old for Kase, new for us friend at the Citadel, which means I finally got to see the campus I've heard so much about. It was fun, beautiful, and incredibly intimidating all wrapped into one...

And we finished the weekend at Folly Beach. 

I am so blessed to have the friends and opportunities that I have, and this might have been one of the best bucket list cross offs yet! People were missed as the weekend continued, and by the time we made it back to school (complete with travel car buddies Norbert and Pablo that we lost somewhere around rest stop #3) we were all happy to be back in our own beds. 

But we'll definitely be heading back in the future. Definitely.
Next road trip destination: Savannah. Probably via Charleston. 

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