Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Across the Finish Line and into the Winners Circle.

Well. We got back from Brazil at roughly.....5:30-ish this morning?? It's so weird to think that a huge massive chunk of what we've prepared for all of 1st semester is now DONE. I also wish that this blog post was going to be super duper profound, but it really isn't. Because my brain is shot :P SO! This is most likely going to turn into quick (or maybe slightly long winded) reminiscing about the awesomeness that was our wonderfully lovely month in Brazil.

Let's see. Fun memories.

Walking around with David inviting children to VBS. Our translator was a 9 year old boy, who got to the first house and decided he didn't feel like speaking Portuguese. Therefore, David Blanchard had to translate most of our invitations :P

Painting, painting, PAINTING. LOTS of painting.

Paint fights that were a result of so much painting. (Which, by the way Kartwright, I WON).

Watching our team acclimate to pop culture ;)

Getting to see people share and grow in Christ, as well as being filled with the strength of CHRIST as they got up to share their testimonies.

A beautiful daughter of Christ achieving a huge personal victory with the help of Jesus in her own battle against the devil and his darkness.

Finding out by second hand observation, that lime juice DOES NOT in fact help clean your eyes out or make them "sparkly". It just BURNS :D

Memorizing Scripture, and seeing just how much everyone was in the Word of God.

Getting to meet some absolutely incredible translators, forming relationships with them, and knowing we'll be able to stay in touch because FACEBOOK AND THE INTERNET IS A BEAUTIFUL THING.

Brazilian pizza. Omnomnomnomnom.

The beach. Even though the sunburns afterwards were awful (and a learning experience) but some of us got tan!! (I was not one of the "some of us"). Also, just the fact that you looked down the beach and it was a beautiful ocean, and then you turned to the right and it was the gorgeous mountain in the distance.

Count off. And the fact that some of us forgot our numbers every. single. time. :D

Boca's. Nomnom.

Being driven to my knees by my insane need for God AND how empty my life feels when HE is not present.

Insane memory and lesson that I will remember for a VERY long time: when situations get to great or overwhelming for me to handle, God takes them back. And He hangs onto them until I am ready for them again.

Let's see. I'm sure there's like....50 more that I'm forgetting.

Jordan experiencing more monstrous bugs than one girl should ever have to deal with :P and then Kenny and David basically ninja-ing to her rescue.

Those evil attacking birds that apparently thought us walking up to the house for breakfast made for some pretty awesome moving targets to practice their nosedives on.

Watching Kartwright and Tyler play pool. While listening to their iPods. And singing. Very loudly. Very funny. Hilarious actually.

The NSYNC skit...both the original AND the one featuring Brandon, Kartwright, Colt, Kenny and occasionally Tyler.

All of our skits actually. They were hilarious.

Watching the kids grow in VBS. Being able to share the Gospel with them (both weeks) and just being able to see their smiling faces!!


Getting Pam 1/2 through the trip!!

Reuniting and seeing everyone's faces after 2 and 1/2 ish weeks apart. Obviously an awesome memory. WOW. :)

God is so good. And like I said, I'm sure I'm forgetting a TON. But God did such incredible things with our teams, that it would take forever to write it all down :)

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