Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Madness!

Again....not exactly original. yet again I'm stealing this idea from a friend. But here we go!

Stuff coming up. This MONTH. That I am rather excited about :)

1. My roommate, the lovely Payton Pierce, finds out whether or not she gets into Baylor. this is very exciting for a number of reasons. Plus, we're very excited to throw her a party, when she does in fact get in. SO.

2. My little brother turns 13!!! Yep. Little Daniel. Well...he's not little anymore. And he's GONNA be a teenager! This is incredibly exciting. (It's March 15th, if anyone's interested).

3. The Hunger Games movie is making an appearance as of March 23th. I can not describe how excited I am for this movie. Actually, I probably could but that would just turn into a lot of gushing and would make me sound rather like a tweeny bopper. So I choose not to :)

4. This weekend all the men are leaving campus for their Biblical Manhood retreat. And although this is slightly saddening (okay,  very saddening) it also means the women will have campus to themselves for the weekend. And THAT'S always interesting. Also, hand in hand with that (so we're keeping it in the same number) is the fact that we girls get to go on our Biblical Womanhood retreat the NEXT week! Whoop!

5. Starting March 31st and going to pretty much....April 9th? I will be spending Spring Break on a lake in Possum Kingdom, Texas, as WELL as getting to go home to Katy!!!! And the best part IS, it's going to be with 31 of my closest friends, AND I'm going to get to see a heck of a lot of people that I have not seen in far too long. And Ghost Hunters International Marathons with Rachel, Trish and Sam. Which is always a party in disguise as creepy ghosty things :D

Let's see...what else?

I think those may be the major things I'm excited for......right now at least :) I'm sure more exciting things will spontaneously come up. PARTY HARDY!

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