Friday, March 23, 2012

Bethany-ese Adventures!

Title explanation: My best friend dubbed the way that I talk it's own language. He calls it "Bethany-ese". And the name kind of stuck because secretly (well maybe not SO secretly considering it's on my blog) I kind of like it ;) AND find it funny, because he's slowly but surely starting to sound like me.

So a blog post has been very overdue. Actually it's really only been like a week....2 weeks....whatever :) Anyhoo! Part of the reason I haven't blogged or been profound..."profound" a while is because it's been ridiculously busy! Well. Rather busy :) So. CATCH UP TIME!

1. I finally finished my CIU application! Now, there are people *ahem* bestfriend *ahem* who find it absolutely ridiculous that it's taken me this long. But it's a process! Also, I'm quite the procrastinator. Bad habit. Jesus & I are working on it. BUT. By finished I mean transcripts requested & on the way, essay sent in, test scores received and fees paid! Now, that doesn't mean I'll GET in, but Lord willing I will and I'll be able to look forward to an awesome, awesome 4 year college experience.

2. WOMANHOOD RETREAT! Yep! After the men came home and we got to experience a week back with them, we women (in the making) loaded up into a bus and headed up to the Summit in Alabama! We left Thursday and came back Friday and spent those days hearing God's truth straight from the mouth of Mrs. Jena Forehand. Who incidentally, is crazy. In the best most incredibly awesome way possible ;) It was a weekend of God teaching everyone lessons. For me, I was reminded and slammed in the face with the truth of whom God says I well as how absolutely essential it is for me to learn those lessons and begin to live as the redeemed daughter of God that I am.

We also made these incredible little "truth" books. The concept is, on one side of the page you write a lie that Satan or the world tells you about who you are. For example. "I am not good enough." Then on the OTHER side of the page, you write the truth about who God and the Bible says you are. 1 Corinthians 3:16. "Do you not know that you are God's temple and God's spirit dwells in you?" Boomskis. 

Plus on top of everything else....we came home to the men of Impact 360 2012 all dressed up and decked out in suits, singing "My Girl." To us. It was a week maker :) 

3. HUNGER GAMES! This applies to both the movie (which will be happening) and the preview day! "What?!" you may be asking. Yes. You heard right. Last night we had our very own Hunger Games. Now granted, there were no weapons, blood, or gore involved (because we were told that legitimately killing students is generally frowned upon) so we had to substitute water balloons, water guns, food coloring, and a thunder storm ;) Granted we didn't have all that much to do with the thunderstorm, but it was a nice touch. It was FUN. 

4. Talking :) Lots of talking has gone on these past two weeks, whether it was with roommates, best friends or the Lord. Basically to sum up, I have no clue where my life is going. Now, they give the impression that once you get past graduation you figure everything out and things tend to fall into place. LIES. You still don't know. There's been a lot of talking this week to a lot of different people, and a lot of different situations that I thought I was counting on that fell through. But what I'm learning, and what I'm overjoyed about, is that God is teaching me that HE is bigger than those circumstances! And through those circumstances He is teaching me, however painfully, what it really means to be a friend, daughter, person, and wife (futuristically) that is living for the purpose God has laid out before with her eyes fixed on HIM. Long road. Long lessons. But so incredibly fulfilling. God is SO good! He's also (these past two days) given me a new, unheard of confidence in Him and His plans. and a peace about the fact that He holds me unshakably in the palm of His hand. God is SO. GOOD. 

5. Just a lil' note ;) Currently my family (especially my little brother) are in Springfield, Missouri where they are playing in the National Homeschool Basketball Championships. GO HCYA WARRIORS. That is all <3 

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  1. Lokks like you are overdue for a post AGAIN :) although this is a good one, I know A LOT has happened in the last two weeks! I think you are going home today, and I know THAT is a wonderful thing :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, so nice of you to visit :).