Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break, Easter, Eggs & Lakehouses

Well, we've returned to school after a long, glorious, much needed Spring Break :) Adventure. Adventure adventure adventure. Good grief.

Part I.

We leave Impact 360 at....noonish. Oneish. We were aiming for that, so that was good. Thus commences a 3 hour drive to Megan's house in Alabama, after which begins a loooooonnnnggg (but okay, pretty kick butt awesome) car trip up to Colton's house in Grapevine! So yeah. We hung out there for a couple of days. His dad has some pretty awesome grilling skills. Also, we traversed all of Grapevine and then LEFT Grapevine, all to find the movie A Few Good Men. Which we then watched at 1:00 the next morning. It was a pretty awesome movie :) Sunday morning some people went to London's church with him, and the rest of us piled in cars and headed to the Kelly's church. Which was a pretty cool experience :) Then it was BACK into cars after a delicious lunch, and out to the lake house!


GORGEOUSNESS. Pretty much sums up the entire experience.

But yeah :) It was pretty amazing. The days = sleeping in, movies, swimming pools & friends. Nights = more movies, awesome grilling skillz from the men, more friends, late night conversations, c-group + Hannah bonding time, & appreciation of the best friends that God has given me. So blessed beyond what I deserve. 
Also, we made a new friend. Meet Wilbur. The fuzzy caterpillar. 

We went cliff jumping...the cliff was ABOUT 18 feet off the lake, so that was an adrenaline rush. We went jetskiing. Also an adrenaline rush. Lots of sun. Lots of sunBURNS. All that jazz ;) 
Also, a few of the most beautiful, peaceful, awe inspiring sunsets I have seen in a very. long time. 

Part III. 

Well, Thursday morning Jesse, Janae, Kartwright & I piled into Scofield (my car, for those who DON'T know) and headed down to Katy, Texas. Which is my beautiful lil' hometown. We went to an Astros game, dyed Easter eggs, had an Easter egg HUNT, which Jesse won, and had a few more late nights. And some long talks. 

Now, we're back at Impact with 4 weeks left and the end is coming up fast. It's scary and exciting, and at times a little bit nerve wracking. There are days when you can't wait to get to the end just to finally get it accomplished, and then there are days when all you want to do is stop time & stay in the moment for a little bit longer. The thought of saying goodbye for 'growing up time' is a little bit nervousness ensuing... 
But it's good to know that God's got it. All the relationships, all the experiences, all the times when it seems like life is over our heads. It's awesome and mind blowing to think that He chose THESE 31 people for THIS year of THIS program and then brought us all together in the ways that He did. And to know that it's obviously not for nothing. He's going to USE it. 
Oh yeah. And Easter was this past weekend. Easter, which sums up grace, and the Gospel, and beautiful, undeserved gifts of mercy that I could never, EVER earn. Love :) 

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