Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tres...and counting!

Well. The closing of today marks 16 days until the beautiful class of 2012 is commissioned....and 17 days until we pack our bags and are on the road again! OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Where has this year gone?!

Of course, there's still a good 16 days of 'who know what' that could happen. And it seems so far that God is planning on packing a huge amount of last minute lessons into these last 3 weeks. 2 weeks and 2 days. Whatever. Everyone gets excited that there's no finals to worry about (well, besides CHICK-FIL-A PRESENTATIONS) but what they DON'T tell you on the application form is that there are spiritual finals. Spiritual.

That being said....let's review :)

Today at exactly 12:01 and 35 seconds, we ended our very last session of our very last guest professor. Last night we closed the book on our very last Bible Study. Tonight at 11:59 we will have finished & turned in our last Dallas Willard assignment. Tomorrow at 5:00 I will be done with my beautiful children at my service opportunity...FOREVER. Monday night we turned in our last massive paper (I think). 2 Mondays left. 2 Sundays left at Western Heights with Taco Bell runs afterwards. 2 more Wrap Ups (or roll outs, as we like to call them). Wah!

And on a more serious note.....


That seems to be the word of the next 3 weeks. In our last Bible Study, Josiah, who was leading at the time, asked if we were content. And my natural instinct is to go "of course I am! Great family, great friends, trusting God, life is awesome!" But when I actually sit down to think about it, I realize there are several situations that I'm really not content with. See, contentment doesn't mean just being happy with what you have. It also means being happy with where you ARE. Whether that's in life, relationships, spiritual growth, maturity growth, WHATEVER. That's almost harder than JUST being content with physical things...

So that's what I'm learning for the next 3 weeks :) Actually...probably a lot longer than the next 3 weeks. The next 3 lifetimes is probably more accurate.

17 days of friends, laughter & love. L'EGGO. 

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