Sunday, June 17, 2012

Right & Wrong & Timing

"You met the right just met him at the wrong time."

I've heard this phrase over and over again within the past week, whether it was meant to be a comforting word from friends, a line in a song, or a dramatic scene ender in a movie (also just made up the word ender. awesome.) So I'm taking this blog post to address that little idea.

I'm not normally one to be bursting bubbles, but you didn't meet the right person at the wrong met the WRONG person at the RIGHT time.

Somehow I don't think the God of the Universe is sitting in heaven crossing His fingers watching you live life....and then sits back and sighs in disappointing when you and your husband's path cross 3 years before He meant for it too. Now granted, there's such a thing as not being READY to be in a serious relationship with "the one" because you're still learning what God wants you to learn. But if you don't end up with what you consider the "man of your dreams" it's not because you met him to's because God has a far greater and bigger plan, and someone even better!

Maybe this is just common sense....but it's something I've been thinking about :)

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