Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Item #1!

Well, after MUCH planning, I've finally gotten started on my bucket list! Which is very, VERY exciting.
And in true Stewart fashion, we started big.

Item #1: A DisneyWorld Summer Visit

After 18 years of fingers crossed, the Stewart family has finally made it to Disney World! All prior conversations basically went like this:

Stewart Father: Yes daughter. We will travel to Disney World as soon as your youngest sibling is no longer in need of this strolling device!

Young Bethany: Okay!

*Stewart Mother proceeds to have a son*

Stewart Father: It's okay daughters! As soon as your youngest sibling has exited the stroller we will traavel to Disney World!

*Stewart Mother has ANOTHER son*

Okay so maybe not quite that British "tea & crumpets" - esque. Basically it was this long continual cycle, and as soon as Matthew got out of the stroller we moved 1/2 across the world to Israel.

But we finally got there! And it was magical, and made 18 years of waiting completely and totally worth it. I am so, SO thankful that God made this trip with my family possible :)

Also, I got an added bonus that was a huge blessing in & of itself, because I got to spend a day and 1/2 with my best friend! 3 weeks seemed like a loooong time :)

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