Friday, July 13, 2012

Where did summer GO?!

Well...the last thing I remember was stepping off a plane from Florida, and then I blinked...and suddenly we're halfway through July! Well, almost. Seriously. I don't know where my summer went. 

My family & I spent the last week at my Mamaw's house, helping out with her church's VBS, which was absolutely wonderful and which sadly I don't have pictures for yet. I got to help out in the nursery, which meant that I got to spend an entire week with 6 lovely children that were absolute dolls to play with. 

And our theme for the week? 

No matter who you God.
No matter how you God.
No matter what people God.
No matter what God.
And no matter where you God.

Suffice to say I needed reminding just as much as my kids did. 

So now that I have 5+ VBS kids songs stuck in my head (with hand motions of course!) I sit down with a calender & I look at the remaining time i have at home with my wonderful family. 

This coming week I'm babysitting the lovely twins Blake & Megan, whom will tie up my mornings and my energy in more ways then one. Afternoons will involve packing and getting ready for college, becaaaaausseee....

the week after work my little sister's best friend Dasha arrives! Which means that my family will be entertaining and traipsing all over the grand state of Texas, which HOPEFULLY includes a Fiesta Texas visit that I will be able to drag 1 of my friends to ;) 

After THAT I'm off to Georgia for Alumni Reunion, my little sister turns 16 (AH!) and we leave early for a wonderful roadtrip through Savannah, Georgia, which ENDS with my family depositing me at Columbia International University for the fall semester...


Needless to say, I can't wait for all these wonderful happenings to occur! I'm still working on my summer bucket list, and although a FEW items have been crossed off as done (and a few have been crossed of as not happening...there's no beaches that I want to walk on in Texas...) there still needs to be some lovely things that need to happen. 

And all of this happens with me STILL humming VBS theme songs. Of course ; D

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