Monday, July 23, 2012


I guess you could say I'm a little bit of a romantic. And by a little bit, I mean definitely. I'm the girl who sees everyday situations and can't wait to share them with that special someone, who is incredibly excited for the day when she gets to look at her little ones and tell them how she met their daddy, and to be patient because anyone God has picked out is worth waiting for. I've prayed, waited, and wanted my husband ever since I started encountering those lovely Christian couples that show through their faith that God's true love is worth waiting for. 

NOW. That being said....

I spent the weekend in San Antonio, Texas at Six Flags with this lovely group of people, minus Daddy who was of course taking the picture. We rode an insane amount of rides, walked from one end of the park to the other what felt like 3 million times, (it wasn't...), and did the obligatory standing in lines that took what felt like hours, but were really just very very long groups of minutes. WITH the obligatory standing in lines, comes the encountering of what we've lovingly dubbed, the "Theme Park Couples." 

You've seen them. The cute ones that snuggle up to each other in line, hold hands as they skip through the park, and comfort the squealing girlfriend on the way up the roller coaster hills (whilst the rest of us are thinking "honey,  you're on the ride. There's no going back now.") Of course, this prompts much yearning & longing & "oh I can't wait to bring boyfriend to a theme park!" from the group of 5 single girls who are running around screaming their heads off on the kiddie rides :D

But as I'm at home after a very long road trip, and thinking about all the memories and fun, I'm actually MORE thankful that I went with my family, and that boyfriend hasn't quite shown up yet, which sounds  weird and a little bit different from my normal attitude. I rolled across parking lots, screamed more than the little kids on the Bugs Bunny rides, and danced dorkily to music from passing carnival games. I didn't worry about my hair, clothes, or who was going to see me at the park... not that I worry about any of those as much as I should anyway, as Rachel can so easily testify ;). I'm happy and thankful that I was able to have simple, easy, God given fun. I guess in essence, this is the closest Bethany has gotten so far to saying "all right Lord, it's Yours and You can have it. Right now I'm single. Let's do this." 

God's said no to a lot of things in my life recently. It's painful and it's disappointing, but in the back of my head there's a little voice called Hope that gets more and more excited. That's the little voice that knows that God's not going anywhere, He's not letting ME go anywhere, and even though I don't know what the next turn brings He does, and He enjoys bringing me joy and holding on to me when the ocean gets stormy, or I let myself fall a little bit to hard and come crawling back after I've hurt myself. 

So there it is! Who knew a weekend at the theme park could turn into a life lesson? Coming home with laughter, joy, no voice, some bruised limbs, and a new appreciation and thankfulness with the family and wonderful best friend God has given me. 

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