Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stop Saying NO.

You know that feeling when you're really, REALLY frustrated with something or somebody but you can't figure out what it is or why? And then someone asks "Well, what's frustrating you?" and you THINK you've finally figured it out so you rant and rave for a little while and then you get done and think and go "hmmm....nope. That wasn't quite it either...."

And then when you actually sit down and you strip away all the excuses and profound feelings you get to the center of this thing, this problem....and there's a very unhappy 3 year old with clenched fists yelling "I just want you to STOP. TELLING. ME. NOOOOO!!!!!"

YUP. After 9 months of spiritually maturation boot camp, you'd think I'd come to this conclusion sooner, but no :D

The horrible, wonderful thing is at this point there's really only 2 options. To remain a very unhappy, very disgruntled, very getting-nowhere, very staying-three, 3 year old, OR to unclench the fists, stop the angry crocodile tears, and accept that my daddy (in this case GOD) MIGHT just know what He's doing with placement, people, family, problems, struggles, and yes, even the good wonderfuls :)

SOME of the good wonderfuls: peace. Reuniting with the lovelies and then the men of Impact 360 in LESS than 48 hours! And college college. As opposed to Impact college.

Also, this song has popped up over and over again on my iPod recently, so I've started listening to it. And decided I really, really like it :) So, it's sharing time!

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