Sunday, August 12, 2012


Why is anger so much more appealing than sadness? 


I think people default to anger, because anger builds. Because when you're angry, you have somewhere to go. Because (ESPECIALLY with girls) you get together with your friends and you feed off emotions, and you build and you build and you tear down and you absorb each other until you've convinced yourself that you're better than this and that you're stronger and you're going to come out on top of this bigger and better than you were before. That somehow, this benefited YOU. You're not losing, you're not humbled, you're VICTORIOUS. 

And then sadness....

Sadness is empty. It's dull and it aches and it throbs and it doesn't go anywhere. It's hard to see the benefit, it's hard to see ANYTHING but the fact that you've lost something important, or seen a door shut. There's nothing to build on, and people's response fall into 2 categories (MOST of the time...) "I'm sorry" or "This is all part of God's plan." All very encouraging in hindsight, but maybe not when the ache is the hardest. 

Sadness feels empty. Anger fills, and even though you know it's temporary it's tempting to trade the wet, moist, heaving ache for a burning, living passion that seems to give you drive to keep moving forward. 

But God USES the sadness. He USES the ache, and the misery, and the throb, and the pain, and He pulls us closer so that the emptiness is filled with HIM. Sadness hurts, and disappointment feels like the world might be ending, but it BUILDS and it STRENGTHENS and it is USED by a Divine God that knows EXACTLY where you are, EXACTLY when you need to be there. 

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