Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'M IN COLLEGGGEEEE!!! Like....COLLEGE college. Like, I'm sitting in my dormroom TYPING this college! The parentals just pulled out (without TOO many tears), I've picked out all my "interesting" textbooks, I have a student ID and a key and a parking sticker and this is all really, REALLY happening!
That being said. Let's rehash the success (or lack thereof) of the summer bucket list...


1. Impact 360 Alumni Reunion! - SO much fun. A tinge bit overwhelming having everyone in the same place at the same time and trying NOT to squeal from how excited I was....that didn't work quite too well ;) Also. Got introduced to dumpster diving. GO TEAM.

2. Finish my list of Disney movies - didn't QUITE happen

3. Finish my Impact reading - (DEFINITELY still working on this one) 

4. Use a fake name at Starbucks - EVERY TIME i went to Starbucks this summer, they failed to ask me my name. It was incredibly frustrating....

5. Make a Taco Bell run relatively close to midnight  - actually did this! See? (the Taco Bell had been eaten...)

6. Have a yogurt date with my little sister

7. visit Florida! - Since I have devoted so much gushing to this already, I'll just wrap it up by saying BEST. FAMILY. (+ friend) VACATION. EVER. 

8. Do my puzzles

9. Go to Schlitterbahn 

10. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise!

11. Watch the entire Avatar: The Last Airbender with my little brothers. 

12. Finish writing about my year at Impact 360 (allllllmost there!) 

13. Walk on the beach

14. Go to a midnight premier 

15. Actually MAKE something creative off of Pinterest - I made a light cover! and an envelope! And a jar of memories! And threw a party! But I chose to include the light cover...because it was by far my favorite...also because I'm making an annoying duck face. And who doesn't love an annoying duck face?

16. Pray through an entire month - My month of July. I don't have any words...

17. Memorize 2 Corinthians 4, Proverbs 31, Isaiah 40, and Romans 4:18-22.

18. Finish one of my Leatherbounds from Barnes & Noble

19. Finish at least HALF of my "Must See Movie" list! (Didn't happen...goodness...)

20. Do the Brio Girl 30 day challenge.

21. Make new friends. - College. New church. Welcome week. Got this covered :)

22. Listen to the Crosspointe Ruth sermons! (I listened to everything ELSE...and forgot about Ruth...GO FIGURE)

23. Break the habit of biting my nails - I think I did it but since TRICIA disagrees we'll just leave it blank for now...

24. Watch Wyatt Earp whilst paying attention. I couldn't find it :(

25. Buy a new dress!

26. Learn how to country dance. - Surprisingly, THIS HAPPENED! And at Alumni Reunion no less :D

27. Write a letter. 

28. Make 4th of July cupcakes.

29. Go bike riding.

30. Learn ONE song on the guitar. 

31. Sing a duet. - This happened...but was not filmed :/

AND NOW. I'M. AT. COLLEGEEEEE!!!! <-- I'm just a tinge bit excited...just a lil' bit. CIU. GO RAMS. AH!

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