Monday, July 2, 2012

Item #2....complete! JuneBugs in the making.

2 down, 74 to go! 

Item #2: Take one photo a day for an entire month. 

FINITOED. We're gonna pretend that's a fancy word for finished. Maybe I made it up. That seems to be a trend! 

Well. Technically I still have one photo to go, with the tag #friend, but that will be completed as soon as the sister friend pulls into my driveway. But other than that, I actually buckled down and took 1 photo a day for the entire month of June! Sometimes they turned out pretty stupid, but for the most part it was insanely awesome to be able to document my month & then go back and look at it :) 

SO. The highlights of my month! 

DisneyWorld was definitely a highlight. But since I've pretty much already written about it, that's all I say. Disneyworld. Beautiful. Got to see Kartwright. Awesome memories. The end :) 

The best sister friend turned 19! One year left of teenagerhood, and I got to spend the entire weekend with her. Lovely lovely times and some pretty laughable memories :D

My Charles Martin liking has become....well, rather obsessive. Not that I'm complaining. I've been incredibly thankful to have several afternoons to just sit around and catch up on my reading! Most of which includes Sherlock Holmes (official book nerdness) and this wonderful writing man ^. I've been happy. And have Kartwright to thank for introducing me to him!

We got to go to an Astros game, and got WONDERFUL field level seats because we bought Faith & Family tickets. Jordan Schafer, my new favorite player since *cough* Hunter Pence decided to leave *cough* was a short distance away. Thankfully Patricia kept me from running onto the field and embarassing myself in typical fan, Bethany fashion ;) After the game we got to watch Third Day, live & in concert and they were great! We left just in time to watch the sun set behind the Houston skyline, which  MIGHT be one of my favorites in the world. Oh. And I thought I saw Hunter. (I didn't. It was a letdown.) 

And FINALLY, the complete highlight of my month were THESE lovely beauties! World, meet Bonnie, Clyde and Smalls my snail. They are just fish, but have come to hold a very special place in my heart, and will be making the college trek (somehow) with me in the coming month. I LOVE THEM. The only downside is, you can't really cuddle with a fish. so that's a party dampner. Also, when I tried to remove them from the bag they got stuck. I saw their lives flash before my eyes. GOODNESS. But they're okay now :) 

so, that was my June. To be honest, I'm COMPLETELY thrilled for the month of July.

Oh. And to end. God has taught me so much in this past month. He has revealed areas of my heart that I previously thought were locked, loaded, and already fixed. Once again, He has shown & promised me that He is NOT done with me. Thank the Lord for such a wonderful Savior :) 

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