Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feelings are what you make them?

Soo today in class we were talking about feelings. And Basie asked if people could really make other people feel things! So of course, the obvious answer is "duh. If your pushing my buttons, of COURSE I'm gonna get angry at you."

Prepare for a mind blowing moment here....

People CAN'T MAKE YOU FEEL THINGS. Sure, they can make a situation uncomfortable or try and tick you off, but the actual feelings part is LESS about what they're doing in the situation and MORE about how your reacting. For example, why is it that when my friend calls me weird I laugh it off, but when someone else calls me weird I get offended about it? To some degree, it's about how we PERCEIVE the situation.

I just realized that I write a lot of words in caps. EXCITING.

Anyhoo :P

This was just a really cool realization for me, because I've always thought that you couldn't help who made you mad, ticked you off, or who made your stomach feel like it was full of butterflies. Now I find out that in fact, you actually can. Or at least seriously influence it!

Impact 360 is mind blowin' ya'll. Just sayin' :)