Saturday, October 22, 2011

Neon Signs and Tiny Whispers.

As I sit in silence I begin to rethink everything that we have experienced. Every touch, every look, every fleeting gesture that we have shared. I am overwhelmed with a sense of longing for your very presence, for the sense of love and protection that I feel simply by being in the same general area as you. Nothing could make the time together more perfect. Not even a storybook soundtrack could counter rival the melodies of the birds, the rushing water, the quiet stillness of the winds blowing through slowly reddening leaves.
What is this longing? What is this absence of happiness I feel when we're apart? Surely I know that soon I will be brought into your presence once again, that we are never truly apart, even when I feel alone. But nothing can rival the joy that I feel when I watch you interact with my friends, with the people that I care about.
I pull out your love letter, written before I was born but so incredibly personal that it almost feels like you wrote it for no one but me. This love, this happiness, this unattainable's almost impossible to believe that they are all possible through you. That's something I'm sure I will never fully understand...what a blessing that your love doesn't depend on what I can do, or how well I can answer my own questions.
The more I get to know you, the more I see the evidence of your love.

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