Saturday, October 22, 2011

Watching God

So the past 48 hours have been somewhat of a whirlwind. Add that to the overwhelming project of....what, 15 hours?...that we had to do, and you have a pretty crazy week.
One of the huge themes of this week has been honesty. I've always considered myself a pretty honest person, but this was a HUGE leap even for me. Try being sat in a room with 4 other people (that you're...meh, decently good friends with most of them) and being told that you should tell them what you like, what you don't, their strengths and weaknesses, and where they need to change. Oh. And be HONEST.
To be honest, (see what i did there? ;) I had my doubts. I don't like criticizing people. I don't like telling people what they do wrong. I REALLY don't like hurting people's feelings. So I really didn't like this assignment. But by the time the 2 and 1/2 hours that we spent in there were up, it's absolutely incredible looking back and realizing just how much God worked through something as simple as telling someone you don't like the way they talk.
I've never seen God work directly and felt like I was a part of it. At least, not that stands out. But last night (and this morning) I most, DEFINITELY did. And it was absolutely incredible. I loved every minute of it. Was it awkward at times? Sure. Some of it was really hard to hear. And it's hard to have conversations with people when your still trying to work through your feelings for them.
I am so eager to see where God is going to take the relationships that He's developing. There has to be SOMEWHERE He's taking this, and I can't wait to figure out what it is :)

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