Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brick Wall Realizations

It's amazing when you suddenly sit back and realize God's been working in you. Where did that come from?
Tonight has been an absolutely beautiful, amazing night of undeserved and unexplained joy. Like skipping through the parking lots retardedly (not knowing people were actually sitting at the picnic table) joy.

My friends around me are hurting and I hurt for them too. There are so many problems and so much on campus. So many walls that God is tearing down and so many lives that He is fighting for. It's so exciting to think about how much He's going to DO with the beautiful people overflowing with potential around me. Cuz even though it hurts right now, joy comes with the morning.

JOY. I really love this word.

Part of me realizes this is probably just a mood swing on the beautifully emotional roller coaster that is a relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. But I've never really been EXCITED about Christ before like I have been about the boys around me, or the stupid moments with friends.

So yeah. I'm thankful for joy filled nights of normality. For hurting that is going to turn into healing. For lives that are about to be changed and ROCKED in a major way :)

OH Lord Jesus, YES <3


  1. I love reading your thoughts & ponderings on here. Glad to see the Lord is working in your life this year! Hope you're doing well!

  2. Thanks girl :) He's definitely working! I'm doing really great. Miss the summer worldview girls though :P How have you been?!