Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Well, it's been almost a week. And I'm starting to miss people....kind of like crazy. It's quite ridiculous really. All that being's classmate numero eight-o :) (Yes. I do know the word for eight in Spanish. It's ocho. Thank you and goodnight.)

#8!!! --> David Michael Teston :)

Alright. Where to even start.

I am SO thankful that I got to spend this year with him. I'm thankful that he pretty much gives the best hugs in the world. And how he always seems  to know just when I need them. Which tends to be...well....always. I'm thankful that God gave him the spiritual gift of PUNS. I'm thankful that he's absolutely incredible at dubstepping. And yes I did just turn that into a verb.

I'm thankful for the incredible heart for God that he has. I'm thankful that he's always willing to listen. I'm thankful that he'll do almost anything for the people he loves and cares about. I'm thankful that he has a crazy AWESOME motorcycle (thatigottorideohmygosh). I'm thankful that he can do pretty much any accent in the world...and then people get confused about what his voice actually sounds like :P I'm thankful that he's a crazy hard worker, and does his best on whatever task he's given. I'm thankful that he's someone I can look up to, as a brother and as a leader.

OH YEAH. And I'm thankful he can headbang harder than pretty much any person I've ever met EVER :) And I'm thankful that I MISS HIM.

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