Thursday, December 29, 2011

Janae Janna.

So I'm pretty sure this makes LUCKY number 13.


I am unbelievably thankful for this lovely sister in Christ. I'm thankful that we're on the same Brazil team. I'm thankful that God has given her such incredible talent with a pen. I'm thankful she can take simple words and turn it into something absolutely amazing. I'm thankful that she's got pretty legit and unique music taste :D I'm thankful that she absolutely rocks short hair, with much amazingness. I'm thankful that of all the Janaes, she's the Janae-y-est ;) I'm thankful that she's got an absolutely beautiful heart. I'm thankful that she trusts us with it.

I'm thankful that she can do ALOT with a sharpie and a blank piece of skin. I'm thankful that she's a redeemed daughter of God. I'm thankful that she's got a style completely her own. I'm thankful that I miss her with great muchness ;) I'm thankful for late nights filled with truth in a simple kitchen. I'm thankful for Harry Potter marathons that are soon to come! 

I'm thankful for a sister in Christ who understands. Who is absolutely beautiful. Who is stronger than she thinks she is. And who is  going  to do great things for God, in Brazil and for the rest of her life. 

And who I get to see in 3. DAYS!!! 

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