Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jonathon Alan Cason.

So (I'm realizing that I start 99.9999999999% of my blog posts off with the word SO. That should probably change...) this guy will make classmate #6! And I guess I'm doing him because if I'm being completely honest, I really do miss him a whole lot :)

SO. #6. Mr. Cason!

I'm thankful that he's part of my community group. I'm thankful that he's a super hard worker. I'm thankful that he's able to bring joy to almost ANY conversation or circumstance that he walks into. I'm thankful that after I had my car wreck he told the story for me, and by the end of the story the devil was not only in my car, but he had added sound effects, random names, and lots of other things to it. I'm thankful that he has a super caring heart that hurts not only for himself but for all the people around him.

I'm thankful that he's a picky eater, because it's made for some really funny dinner conversations. :P I'm thankful that he's my brother in Christ and that I really couldn't ask for a better friend. I'm thankful that he's from Alabama, even though we sometimes make fun of him for it. Just a tinge bit :D And I'm thankful for his crazy AWESOME accent! 

I'm thankful he's a hard worker. I'm thankful that he seeks the Lord with all his heart. I'm thankful he's willing to go outside of his comfort zone to learn new things. I'm thankful he's turning into (and really already is) an awesome public speaker. AND (random memory) I'm thankful that we had to learn how to make sweet tea together for lunch crew. Even though I'm pretty sure we ruined it the first time :) 

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