Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Loneliness is an interesting emotion.
Usually when someone thinks of someone who is lonely they picture someone....well, alone. Isolated. Physically set apart from those surrounding her. But so often, lonely isn't a physical concept at all.

The scariest type of loneliness is that which makes us feel not that we are physically alone, but that we are on an island. Surrounded by people on all sides, but completely and totally alone in our struggles, our insecurities and our fears. Convinced wholeheartedly that no one could possibly be tempted or be shaken by the sins that we are, and wholeheartedly terrified that if we open up to those around us they will reject us in every way shape and form because they are so completely disgusted with the twisted human being we have let ourselves become.

Loneliness is a lie from the Devil. It is one of the sharpest tools in his arsenal. Not only does it almost ensure that we isolate ourselves to some degree from those that love us, so many times it almost means that we shrink away from the very Savior that can shake the Devil's hold on us once and for all.

But even more tricky, is the lie that we can run to those around us to fulfill the gaping hole in our hearts reserved for Christ alone. So many times when we feel lonely, we run to those we know best. Those we know will comfort us. Those we are comfortable WITH. When in fact, we should be running into the open and waiting arms of Jesus Christ. Easier said than done? Oh yes. Most definitely. There are days when it seems like nothing can beat a hug from my best friend. But when it comes right down to it, the only way to beat the lie that we are alone, is to trust the people around us with who we truly are and allow them to love us. And to effectively do that safely, we must first trust GOD with who we are.

Nobody is perfect, and sometimes people will let you down. But God never, NEVER will.

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