Friday, December 2, 2011

Miriam Christine :)

In the spirit of the holiday season fast approaching, and the spirit of our being apart for 3 weeks (also fast approaching) I've decided to start a "thanksgiving list" so to speak. "Why didn't she do this in November?" You might be asking....well that would have been QUITE cliche. So! Here we go.
Classmate #1: Miriam Christine Beard.

I am thankful for her because she is my sister in Christ. I'm thankful because we understand each other, and because we have the same insane, frustrating problems. I'm thankful that God has given me someone else that's quirky to have fun with :D

I'm thankful that she's absolutely beautiful. I'm thankful that she wants to grow in her relationship with the Lord. I'm thankful for her sarcasm, and for the way she shows affection through her witty little comebacks. I'm thankful for the way she brightens the rooms when she walks in! I'm thankful for the encouragement she is to everyone around her. I'm thankful for her leadership in all areas of showcasing David the Dolphin!

I'm thankful that she's my big sister. I'm thankful that God put her in my life. I'm thankful for our late night talks with Mary Michael and Pam about things like Josiah's desert menu ;) I'm thankful for future weddings and children's play dates. And I'm  thankful for best sister friends that you just sense a connection with before even meeting them :) 

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