Monday, December 12, 2011

Hannah :)

Funny story. Everytime I START one of these blog posts I have to go through my entire blog and count how many people I've done so far. Even though I specifically tell myself "Okay. This is number SEVEN."

That being said. Number #7 :)

I am so, so, SO thankful for this girl. I am thankful for her quiet spirit. I am thankful for the huge, immense depths of love she has for absolutely everyone around her. I am thankful that you can literally see her love for Christ and the Bible simply through the way she lives her everyday life. and the fact that she generally always has her bible with her. Mary Michael would be so proud!!!

I am thankful that she is my sister in Christ. I'm thankful that God blessed us with her in our 360 class this year. I'm thankful that she somehow ALWAYS knows exactly when I need a hug. And the fact that she gives SUPER good hugs is just an awesome plus :) 

I'm thankful that she somehow has this gift for knowing when people are hurting. I'm thankful for the unbelievable GROWTH that she's shown, even in just the first semester. I'm thankful for the quiet strength that she brings to the room when she walks in :) I'm thankful that we can skype, even though we had a massive paper due in the morning that I hadn't finished yet. 

In short, I am unbelievably thankful for Hannah Devries :) 

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