Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Katie Masters!

Two days left home. Goodness how did Christmas break get here so crazy fast?!? Not okay. Not okay at all :) <-- and yet i put a smily face after it. I have smiley face addiction issues...
Moving on!

#3: Kathryn Michelle Masters!!! Yup.

Well. I am super thankful for my awesome sister in Christ. I'm thankful for her servant's heart. I'm thankful that she made the majority (like 99.9999999%) of those delicious peppermint Christmas cookies on our last preview day. I'm thankful that she's an absolutely incredible hostess and a great tour guide. I'm thankful that she loves to worship the Lord, and that God has given her the voice to do it!

I'm thankful for her incredible heart for people. I'm thankful that she survived the Adventure Module. I'm thankful that we're eventually GOING to have a lunch/dinner date and talk (because somehow that hasn't happened yet...). 

Oh yeah. And I'm SUPER thankful that she's gonna be on my Brazil team. Cuz that's just gonna be awesome :) 

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