Monday, December 19, 2011

Hmm...Megan Elizabeth :)

I have no idea what classmate number this will make :D we're gonna go with #11 because I think that's right. SO!

#11: Megan Elizabeth Hudson.
(funny fact: I almost typed Megan Elizabeth Husband. That would have been QUITE hilarious :D)

SO! I am so unbelievably thankful for this girl. I'm thankful that I get to room with her this year. I'm thankful that she's me and Pay's unofficial "mom" and that she keeps us out of trouble. Sometimes ;) I'm thankful for milk "borrowing" escapades early in the morning. I'm thankful for testimony sharing and openness.

I'm thankful that God is turning her into a new and active prayer warrior. I'm thankful that she is filled with an incredible love and passion for Christ. I'm thankful that she's able to be open with her friends who love her now :D I'm thankful that she's such a hard worker, and organized, and that she can get absolutely anything and everything done!! I'm thankful that she keeps me and Payton on track ;) I'm thankful for the plans that God has already in store for her in Brazil.

Oh yeah. And she's crazy gorgeous :) I'm thankful that she doesn't mind sharing food that she keeps in the pantry with the rest of her roommates ;) I'm thankful for her growing relationship with Christ. And the rest of the growth that will happen this year.

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