Wednesday, December 7, 2011

London Alexander George.

So. This will make classmate #4! Onward and forward in an upward direction!!

I am super, duper thankful for this awesome brother in Christ! I'm thankful that we're friends. I am thankful that he's got a stinkin' awesome name. That just sounds super cool. I'm thankful that he's got a bunch of really cool opinions, and that he's not afraid to share them. I'm thankful that he's got a crazy amount of energy that never seems to stop. I'm thankful that he throws himself completely into the things he does, and won't give up until he's finished with them. I'm thankful that God's given him some crazy awesome talents that he's gonna use for the rest of his life :)

I'm thankful that he asks hard questions in every day conversation. I'm thankful for hugs, although they are few and far between :D I'm thankful he's being called to Hillsong in AUSTRALIA....although if I'm being honest I wish it wasn't so far away :D I'm thankful for his awesome sense of humor, and for his really cool laugh. I'm thankful that he's a part of my bible study group and I got that chance to know him better!

I'm thankful that he's another Texan! And that Dallas reallly isn't THAT far from Houston :) And I'm thankful I get to watch the Lord grow him in his relationship with God over the next 6 months....and  the rest of his life! Oh. And I'm thankful that he understands my prison break obsession :D

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